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Consciousness Research with Jevon DängeliConsciousness Research with Jevon DängeliThis page provides information and resources for participants in Jevon Dängeli’s

Research participation steps:

  1. Submit your Burnout Self Diagnostic Tool score by email to info(at)jevondangeli(dot)com
  2. Diarise your training session (by Skype) date and time. Also diarise your interview date and time. Allow one hour for each session.
  3. Attend your training session with Jevon (by Skype).
  4. Download your Mindful Power audio-programme within 24 hours following your training session.
  5. Listen to one part of the Mindful Power audio-programme per day. There are six parts to be listened to in successive order. Repeat for a second round of 6 days. Although only 12 consecutive days of listening to Mindful Power are required, you are encouraged to continue listening to this audio-programme until all 6 parts have been listened to 4 times each – that is one part per day for 24 days.
  6. The Basic Mindful Power Technique involves two aspects – “Conscious Breathing” and “Peripheral Vision”. Participants are asked to practice the Peripheral Vision aspect (referred to as peripheral awareness in this project) of this technique on a daily basis in addition to listening to the audio programme.
    Please set aside a few minutes per day to practice peripheral awareness for the month of this study. Additionally, should you find yourself in stressful situations, let those be a cue to immediately use peripheral awareness and please note the results (as you will be asked about these in your interview).
  7. Complete the Burnout Self Diagnostic Tool 30 days after the date of your initial training session. Submit your second score by email.
  8. Please be on time for your interview (by Skype) which would have been sent to you by email following your initial training session.

Enjoy The Experience!

Thank You for participating in this research project.

Peripheral Awareness Learning Resources:

Video: How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness

Article: The Awareness behind your Attitudes and Aptitudes

Article: Mindfulness – The Key To Resilience

Consciousness Research with Jevon Dängeli

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