Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training (Hypnosis III)

Become a facilitator of core healing and integral transformation

This 5-day course teaches therapists, clinicians and coaches how to work with unconscious processes in order to resolve most mental/emotional, behavioral and psychosomatic issues at the causal level.


The techniques and methodologies taught at this course combine Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Mindfulness based interventions. You will leave with advanced yet simple approaches to effectively help your clients/patients achieve sustainable outcomes. One of the unique attributes of this course is learning how to identify and make constructive use of the transpersonal phenomena that arise in sessions with clients.

At this course you will also learn conversational attention shifting processes for coaching the unconscious mind. You will enhance your knowledge and ability to facilitate effective hypnotherapy and coaching interventions, through eliciting and leveraging spontaneous trances – which occur in all contexts. There will be plenty demonstrations, supervised practice and guided integration sessions.


Summary of the course content:

  • Review of hypnotherapy skills in preparation for more sophisticated techniques
  • How to coach the unconscious mind – conversational & covert approaches
  • Transpersonal interventions to resolve psycho-spiritual crises
  • How to facilitate a context for unconscious change & healing
  • Mindfulness based methods to clear unconscious issues
  • How to induce & utilise various states of consciousness
  • Attention shifting methods to access inner resources
  • Unconscious clearing of unwanted states and beliefs
  • Conversational regression & progression techniques
  • Advanced methods to direct the unconscious mind
  • Multiple embedded metaphor intervention
  • Utilisation methods to activate healing
  • Unconscious review & installation
  • The “Double Dream Integration”
  • The full unconscious interview

And much more…deeeeply enjoyable conscious and unconscious learning and integration…


The pre-requisite for attending this course is current certification as a Hypnotherapist, or NLP Master Practitioner, or ASE Facilitator.


By completing this course you will be certified as a

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Practitioner


Our Hypnotherapy certification is recognised & approved by:

  • The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors
  • The International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology & Hypnosis
  • The International Hypnosis Society






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This 5-day course includes the 4-day ASE Advanced Facilitator Training plus one day of learning/practicing advanced hypnotherapy techniques, followed by 3 masterclasses via Skype.
Live training dates: 6-10 March 2018
Skype sessions: on agreed dates
Location: South Africa, West Coast
Venue: Langebaan, The Sanctuary, 7 Bifolia St.
Training times: 10am – 6pm daily
Course fee:
Early booking R 22 900.-
Standard R 23 900.-
Special fee for those who have previously done ASE Advanced Facilitator Training: R 7 900.-
Includes all study material, certification & catering


Enrol here — BOOKING FORM


The Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Practitioner certificate is provided once:

  • All 5 days of live training and the 3 masterclasses have been attended,
  • All 40 training videos have been watched, all 10 audio recordings listened to, and all required reading has been done,
  • Three posts have been made and followed up on in the TCTN forum,
  • Our Code of Ethics has been signed,
  • 50 hours of experience (post-course sessions with clients) have been logged and submitted, plus a report (case study) has been completed – describing the details of 10 of those sessions.




The Unconscious Mind is not unconscious, only the conscious mind is unconscious of what the Unconscious Mind is conscious of!

You have to LOOK INSIDE to find out…

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Jung


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