The Basic Authentic Self Empowerment process (free)

Experience Your Self Beyond Limits - free recording from Jevon DängeliExperience Your Self Beyond Limits

Anything is possible when we’re unlimited…
The following mind expanding and transformative process was recorded at one of our live Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Facilitator courses where Jevon guides us through the Basic ASE process.
Make sure you won’t be disturbed while listening, then sit comfortably and enjoy being guided to experience your Authentic Self.

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Log in HERE to watch the free training video (video 31) where Jevon describes how our minds (and lives) are controlled by our conditioned conception of time and space – and learn a way in which we can achieve the subjective experience of transcending time and space in order to establish a level of awareness that is less conditioned and therefore more authentic.

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