Coping with holiday stress

Holidays are unnecessarily stressful for many people.
This page provides holiday stress management tips, plus
a FREE recording of The Cool Calm & Collected Technique.

Missed loved ones, too much to do, additional expenses, confrontations, illness, etc.
In one form or another, most of us experience stress during the festive season.

Stress does enough damage already. Don’t let it ruin your holidays too!

4 things that you will need in order to navigate through the challenges that lie ahead are:

1. An open mind (one that is ready to perceive new ways of seeing and approaching obstacles).

2. An open heart (one that can let go of past hurts, feel worthy of love and love unconditionally).

3. An open hand (one that can grab the bull by the horns and lend itself to those in need).

4. An ability to cope with stress!
Low energy, sleep difficulties, fatigue, poor concentration, bad moods, weak immune system, tension, head-aches and burnout are some of the the symptoms that manifest as a result of too much stress.

Managing your stress effectively means having more vitality, clarity, creativity, productivity and wellbeing. It means being a nicer person to be around – on holidays and always.

One aspect of the The Cool Calm & Collected Technique is a breathwork skill that helps to quickly centre your mind and body. Here are the basic steps:

1. Breathe in through your nose, feeling your belly rise.

2. Breathe out through your mouth slowly (twice as long as your inhalation), feeling your belly release.

3. Continue with this slow circular breathing pattern, while keeping your attention on your belly.

4. Let any thoughts and tension be released with your exhalations.

This is a useful skill to compose yourself whenever necessary or to help you get back to sleep at night.

The complete Cool Calm & Collected Technique is a simple yet  profound psychological tool
that enables you to immediately switch on your body’s relaxation mode while activating your
whole brain for optimal functioning and performance.

The Cool Calm & Collected Technique is taught on track is 3 of Jevon’s Cool Calm & Collected audio programme, which also includes a 30 minute guided meditation with brain stimulating audio technologies. This is…

The ultimate natural remedy for insomnia and stress

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Stress distracts us from making the clear, creative and effective choices that enable us to be more successful in life. The question is, how can you tune out the distractions which prevent you from being self empowered, and tune in to your deeper potential and resourcefulness to deal effectively with the challenges of our time?

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