Empowered Performance with HNLP for Health & Wellbeing

We offer high impact and custom designed seminars or short courses to naturally improve your Health and enhance your Wellbeing.

These events range from inspiring and motivational one hour seminars through to short courses from 1-4 days, or personalised HNLP training via Skype.

What does Empowered Performance with HNLP have to offer your Health & Wellbeing?

HNLP creates an awareness of how the body and mind are linked and how this can be applied to health issues in a number of ways. People with physical illnesses may be able to overcome the physical symptoms of their condition by changing their beliefs and attitudes towards them. Our approach is to address the causes of symptoms and facilitate healing from there.

The basic aim of Empowered Performance with HNLP for Health & Wellbeing is to teach the utilization of HNLP as a complimentary modality to assist you in dealing effectively with most health problems as well as their effects on other areas of yours and your loved one’s life.

We aim to help you improve inwardly as well as outwardly and ensure your all round mental and physical well-being.

HNLP always suggests a better connection between the mind and body. Once you are psychologically well informed, you naturally remain physically vigorous and healthy.

These short courses typically teach ways to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Alleviate other symptoms
  • Make choices about treatments
  • Assist the body to utilize medicines well
  • Prepare for operations and procedures
  • Make decisions for life changes
  • Read the body’s messages
  • Understand the root cause of illness
  • Resolve inner conflicts and past issues
  • Deal with the unconscious source of illness
  • Communicate with the body for healing
  • Visualize and creating healing pathways
  • Maintain a good healing attitude
  • Help to assess long term life changes necessary
  • Heal allergies, hayfever and food sensitivities
  • Cure phobias quickly
  • Overcome addictions
  • Handle issues around death

In the context of health and wellbeing, the main emphasis of our seminars and short courses is not to process the limitations of one’s life. Its aim is to further develop and improve the present quality of life by revealing how to tap one’s own inner resources.

The body possesses its own language through which it makes its state and its needs heard. At times we may be able to comprehend its signals and promptly respond to them. HNLP can present you with numerous techniques and methods to enhance your communication with both yourself and with others in a healthy and nourishing manner.

HNLP can aid you in exposing the hidden messages of symptoms. These new insights greatly support your inner healing and growth processes.

The total span of life is shortened not because of the severity of an illness but more because of an upset mental condition. This can be prevented if you communicate with your unconscious mind in the optimal manner to promote healing and bring about self-transformation from within.

HNLP looks at the relationship between your unconscious and conscious minds and helps you to understand that when there is incongruence between the two, a host of physiological responses can occur. We teach you how to optimise communication between these two parts of the mind for better health and wellbeing.

Whilst HNLP is no substitute for medical or psychiatric intervention, it’s been observed that what you communicate to your unconscious mind can have a profound effect. Many nurses, GPs, psychiatrists, and surgeons have become curious about how the unconscious mind affects the body and behaviour.

The applications of HNLP are important both to those in the medical field and to individuals interested in good health.

HNLP also provides these necessary skills for relating effectively to and communicating clearly with patients and co-workers. Research in HNLP today is focusing on ways of building and maintaining personal health, reducing stress, engaging the body`s ability to heal and defining the relationship between health and beliefs.

Contact us for more information and to find our how one of these events can be created for you or your group’s specific interests.

Presented by Jevon Dängeli – accredited NLP & HNLP Trainer, Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

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