Empowered Performance with HNLP for Personal Development

We offer high impact and custom designed seminars or short courses to raise your level of your personal development.

These events range from inspiring and motivational one hour seminars through to short courses from 1-4 days, or personalised HNLP training via Skype.

What can you expect from this type of Empowered Performance with HNLP event?

  • Create more clarity, focus and direction in your life
  • Increase your confidence, break through stagnated thinking and limiting beliefs
  • Recognise your own out-of-date responses to situations and people – and transform these
  • Uncover How your mind works & the power of your thoughts
  • Create compelling goals, to take you where you want to be in your life
  • Clear obstacles from your past to create positive outcomes now and in future
  • Eliminate fears, negativity & anything holding you back in life
  • Discover how to stop procrastinating and become self-motivated
  • Overcome feelings of anxiety, depression and burnout
  • Learn how to focus your time and resources constructively
  • Change limiting beliefs into ones that inspire you to achieve your dreams
  • Achieve greater levels of joy, inner peace and enthusiasm in your life
  • Learn how to plan, organize and prioritise your time
  • Get clear about what’s causing your stress and learn how to manage it
  • Discover your true values and purpose to create a future that you’re enthusiastic about

The goal for many a person interested in learning our HNLP methodologies is to overcome performance diminishing aspects of their personalities, such as fear of failure, fear of speaking before groups, or a lack of self esteem. For these people and many others our Empowered Performance with HNLP short course will have positive and generative effects that are life changing.

Having attended one of these short courses, you can expect to enjoy far greater control and freedom over your own state of mind, responses, and interactions with others. You’ll find it much easier to clarify your dreams for the future and identify barriers that may be holding you back. You will know how to change the unwanted habits and behaviours that are standing in your way.

You will heighten your awareness and enhance communication skills to make positive changes that generate new possibilities and opportunities in your life. You’ll leave with abilities to shape the feelings you want to have, create positive habits, resolve inner conflicts and be motivated.

Anyone who has the desire to have a more fulfilling life will benefit tremendously from one of our Empowered Performance with HNLP for Personal Development short courses or seminars.

Contact us for more information and to find our how one of these events can be created for you or your group’s specific interests.

Presented by Jevon Dängeli – accredited NLP & HNLP Trainer, Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

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