Empowered Performance with HNLP for Sports

We offer high impact and custom designed seminars or short courses to boost your Sports Performance.

These events range from inspiring and motivational one hour seminars through to short courses from 1-4 days, or personalised HNLP training via Skype.

What does Empowered Performance with HNLP have to offer your Sports Performance?

Learn the most advanced and powerful mental skills to elevate your performance and give you the edge.

Our events are designed to help you in reprogramming negative beliefs, limiting behaviours and ‘choking’ thought processes. Develop the mindset of a champion! When fitness, training, skill and talent are the same, it is this mental edge that makes the difference.

This seminar or short-course typically teaches:

  • Positive Self Motivation – How to motivate yourself and others in a positive, empowering way.
  • Precision Visualisation Techniques – Learn advanced skills incorporating relaxation techniques to develop the optimum state for visualisation and positive mental rehearsal.
  • Powerful Goal Achievement Strategies – How to clarify your desired positive outcome so that you can play with passion, purpose and pleasure.
  • Concentration & Focusing Techniques – Maintain concentration and positive emotional control under pressure through the use of sensory ‘triggers’.
  • Confidence & Positive Self Belief – Develop the confidence, positive self belief and mental toughness of the best in the game.

Other valuable skills that could be included:

Overcome Injury Faster

  • Identify the barriers both physical and mental to overcoming injury and returning to fitness
  • Identify and change limiting beliefs that may prevent you from recovering quickly and effectively
  • Utilise visualisation techniques that enable training rehearsal to minimise the effect of ‘time out’
  • Adopt techniques that will accelerate health regeneration
  • Install positive strategies and desired mental states to achieve fitness faster

Achieve Focus and Flow under Pressure

  • Access to ‘the zone’ in the most pressured environments
  • Use advanced techniques to manage stress, adrenaline and distractions effectively
  • Take control of your mood to create competitive advantage including overcoming nerves, anxiety and excessive aggression
  • Eliminate negative self talk, remove limiting beliefs and install new ways of thinking correctly
  • Create positive resource states that can be accessed easily to create winning results
  • Create new strategies to deal with pressure

Understanding mind-body communication

Every regular sports participant, whether it be an individual or team activity, knows that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.

HNLP in sport, at its most basic, enables us to manage our mind-body so that we are in the best mental and physical state for successfully and enjoyably performing.

Understanding mind-body strategies

Whether as participants or coaches or managers we can use HNLP to ‘model’ or study a person’s performance in order to identify how exactly they do something. HNLP provides a very effective route to identifying what accounts for their results – whether these are favourable or unfavourable.

We can identify how they successfully perform a particular operation in order to enable them to do this more consistently (or to teach their skill to someone else). And, of course, we can identify how precisely they unsuccessfully perform an operation in order to coach them in better ways of doing it.

Contact us for more information and to find out how one of these events can be created for you or your team’s specific interests.

Presented by Jevon Dängeli – accredited NLP & HNLP Trainer, Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

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