Expanding Self Awareness – guided process (free)

Expanding Self Awareness - guided process MP3Becoming “Bodyful” is Beautiful.

In this audio recording (19 min) of a live Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Facilitator Training, Jevon guides you through the ASE “Bodyfulness” process. This session helps you to embody a mindful perspective and cultivate an expanded sense of self to the point where there are no barriers and no resistance to experiencing the present moment fully from an integrated point of view. Expanding the sense of self in the way it is facilitated in this recording results in a broader perspective of oneself in relation to the events in one’s life (past, present and future) which in turn promotes healing and transformation.

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To watch the free training video where Jevon explains where, when and how to facilitate the process in this recording, log in HERE.

What is Bodyfulness?
Bodyfulness is a word used to appeal to those who have been misdirected by a distorted concept of mind – in order to offer them the embodied experience of mindfulness (as in the recording above).

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is body-centred (not self-centred) awareness. Experiencing the present moment somatically promotes the actualisation of one’s Authentic Self – from which insight, emotional freedom and compassion arises.  

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