The Authentic Self Empowerment Set

This comprehensive range of pioneering audio-programmes and books includes a synergistic compilation of highly effective approaches to self-healing as well as escalating your personal and spiritual development in this day and age.

  • 7 Authentic Self Empowerment™ audio-programmes
  • 4 Brain Entrainment recordings
  • 3 ASE e-books 


The following recordings and books are included in the ASE Set: 

Authentic Self Empowerment™ recordings

Empowered Performance with HNLP
Change Matters
Relationship Resourcing
Mind over Matter
Authentic Self Empowerment
Drop the Habit
Cool, Calm & Collected

Brain Entrainment recordings

Harmonious Mind
Dream, Explore & Discover
Journey into Peace
Well Being Now

Authentic Self Empowerment e-books

The Self Healing Handbook 
Change Matters

Relationship Resourcing

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The Authentic Self Empowerment Set includes a hand-picked compilation of audio recordings and literature to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection and bring more of you to life.

This is our most dynamic pre-compiled audio-visual-programme. It is designed to hep you raise your level of joy, self-healing potential, inner resourcefulness, creativity, personal effectiveness and success in all contexts.

Buying each of these life enhancing products would cost you €294,00 if you bought them individually.

Pay only €147,00 for this pioneering programme – designed to empower you from the inside-out.

“Your Authentic Self Empowerment audio programme is great! Very inspirational! 

In particular I enjoyed “Change Matters”, superb!!”
– Fabrizio de Marco, NLP Trainer, Italy

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Your life is in your hands, invest in the Authentic Self Empowerment Set for only €147.-

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