Mindful Power Part 2

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will discover how to put a stop to the thoughts and feelings that you don’t want, and replace them with inner peace in a matter of seconds.

The Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique enables you to defuse negative self talk, or the inner critic, or runaway thoughts (mental noise).

Fall asleep peacefully and get well needed rest at night.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably noticed that as you go through life, your mind often engages in a continual stream of internal chatter, known as self-talk. It’s like having an internal narrator or a play-by-play commentator. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, especially when your self-talk is positive and supportive! Other times though, like when you’re under stress, your self-talk just adds fuel to the fire. Have you ever talked to yourself and made yourself feel worse than you were already feeling? This is the type of self-talk you probably want to eliminate.

Listen to the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique introduction:

The interesting thing about unwanted self talk is that the more you don’t want it, the more you have it. Resisting self talk, causes it to persist. So in general, a useful way to eliminate unwanted self talk is to stop feeding it with your attention. Your attention is food for your self talk. Focussing your attention on something else will result in the unwanted thoughts loosing energy and thereby disappearing.

The Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique will teach you how to withdraw your attention from any unwanted thought stream in order to achieve your preferred mental state. To do so you will learn how to replace your thought stream with an internal auditory cue, which also happens to activate your nervous system’s relaxation response.

Repeating the auditory cue provides the narrator, i.e. your conscious mind, with something to do. The auditory cue that you use in Mindful Power is the phrase, “I AM.” This is the third ‘Switch’ for activating the relaxation response. The first two ‘Switches’, the 1:2 breathing pattern and peripheral vision (which you are taught in Mindful Power Part 1), can slow down or turn off self-talk on their own. The “I AM” auditory cue is included as an extra measure so that all three sensory modalities (kinaesthetic, visual and auditory) are being used to eliminate self-talk.

Combined with conscious breathing and peripheral vision, this third ‘Switch’ is an extremely effective and powerful way to relax and access your unconscious mind and higher conscious mind.

Harvard research scientist, Herbert Benson, has found that certain letters and sounds seem to stimulate the relaxation response because of their resonance in the nervous system. One of these sounds is the “M” sound. If you want to experiment with this, just say “AM” out loud and hold the “M” sound. Notice how it vibrates through whole body. When you’re using Mindful Power, thinking or saying “AM” in your head creates a similar experience of vibration in your nervous system. Furthermore, “I AM” affirms you and your life.  

If, at any time during the process your mind wanders, it is not only okay, it is expected and beneficial. As your mind de-stresses, thoughts and feelings may bubble to the surface. Whether they have anything to do with the stress you’ve experienced is not important. It is important to let your mind drift back to “I AM” whenever you realize you were thinking of something else. The more often you do the Mindful Power technique during the day, the more your mind will empty itself of what has accumulated over time.  

In his book Stillness Speaks Eckhard Tolle writes: “Thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and whatever you experience make up the content of your life. Yet how easy it is to remember the truth – I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I AM.”

The better sleep (scientific evidence), more productivity and serene state of mind that this technique will enable you to have, surely makes it well worth using. It´s so simple, you can soon have it mastered.

Imagine no longer being controlled by negative or unnecessary thoughts? Imagine a peaceful and serene state of mind? Imagine how you’ll be as a person when you can easily activate this state within yourself?

Listen to the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique introduction: 

The possibilities are endless…

The choice is yours…

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