Mindful Power Part 3

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn powerful processes that include self-hypnosis skills to direct the part of your awareness that has the greatest influence on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

A central aspect in this recording is The Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique which enables you to effectively program your unconscious mind to achieve your goals. This leads to you being motivated to take intelligent action toward the achievement of your innermost desires. It is the key to activating the real LAW OF ATTRACTION to manifest your important goals.

Listen to the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique introduction:

The Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique adds an effective visualisation to the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique, thereby programming your unconscious mind with only the necessary input to greatly enhance your chance of achieving your desired goal.

Before you learn how to use this effective goals manifestation technique, it’s important to know how to elicit your goals properly. Poorly elicited goals may have little or no value to your inner self, and striving for such superficial goals is usually either unsuccessful or the cause of stress in other areas of your life.

How to elicit meaningful and compelling goals:

Your goal should always be in alignment with a meaningful purpose, as this enables you to be motivated and productive in the short and long run.

The reason why people fail to follow through with their set goals is that they focus on the acquisition of something, or the stopping of something, instead of the actual feeling that such a result would provide them with.

What we really desire (our internal goal), is not the accomplishment of an external goal, but the way in which we’ll experience ourselves when the external goal is accomplished.

When your goals are not in alignment with a meaningful purpose, then your actions do not result in the feelings that you’d like to have. For example, some people smoke to relax, but smoking doesn’t relax them. Some people eat (or refuse to eat) as a way of dealing with heavy emotions, but this doesn’t work. Some people say things to hurt others so that they can feel empowered, but this just causes themselves pain down the line.

Good news is that the feeling associated with any goal’s accomplishment is not something that’s reserved for only after you accomplish the goal. You can experience that state right now! In fact, through associating into the state that you expect to experience at that moment when you achieve your goal, and doing so regularly, you become inspired and motivated to take the necessary actions that lead you toward achieving your external goals, as well as sustaining those results.

For example:

If your goal is to lose weight for the purpose of feeling good about yourself, then start by connecting with the experience of feeling good about yourself first. In the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique, I’ll provide you with 2 processes that enable you to achieve this. This way you will have already achieved the state associated with the outcome of your goal, and you may find losing weight much easier, or decide that to lose weight in order to feel good about yourself is no longer so important.

Believing that you’ll only experience what you really desire by acquiring something is a great source of suffering because it affirms that you don’t already have it now – and therefore sets up a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

Often the goals we set up for ourselves are distractions from what we fear most in our lives. So we keep trying to move away from what we don’t want and continue setting new goals to avoid experiencing negative emotions, which we, therefore, drag along with us anyway.

What if your unwanted experience is just the experience which you require in order to get the lessons which lead you to your desired outcome? Watch out that you’re not setting any goals to avoid the experience that could provide you with valuable lessons.

Striving for goals that are set mainly to avoid negative emotions or uncertainty usually lead to disappointment or more suffering down the line.

It’s important to first deal with any negative emotions, then once you’re in a resourceful state (and only then), decide what you’d like to do about your situation.

Keep focussing on what you want and moving in that direction.

In life, THE UNKNOWN will always reign over THE KNOWN.

That’s why certainty will never be more than a little island in the vast ocean of uncertainty.

So, make friends with uncertainty!

Consider the significant breakthroughs, achievements and/or discoveries of your life…

What state were you in just prior to these experiences?

Honest enquiry into the above question usually reveals states of confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, stress and other forms of fear that arise from not being able to control the prevailing circumstances. In other words, we’re resisting the natural flow of events because we fear the potential uncertainties that they may result in. Yet these “negative” states give rise to important experiences or insights. And those serendipitous moments are usually when we surrender or give up trying to control something or someone.

That moment of giving up is not giving in — it’s a sign of strength! It means that you recognise that your thoughts are not in harmonious alignment with what’s happening around you, and therefore you consciously choose to allow things to unfold without attachment to the ego’s wishes.

In such moments when one embraces the unknown, anything seems possible and you feel truly alive. You’re standing tall on the edge of your comfort zone, perfectly satisfied and admiring the view.

Then you realise that out of uncertainty – possibility and creativity arise. Once you’ve made friends with uncertainty, life takes on new meaning, you become empowered and you choose your goals wisely.

Claude Bernard said: “Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.”

Be curious about the gifts awaiting you on the other side of uncertainty. Accept the uncertainty – accept the gift.

The above-stated attitude and behaviour is a recipe for success. The Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique provides you with the ingredients and method.

This part of the Mindful Power audio programme includes much more than a cutting edge goals achievement technique, it also incorporates:

  • How to seed your unconscious mind with the goals of your choice. This means providing your deeper intelligence with the relevant imprint so that it can go about its business of creating the optimal circumstances for you to fully actualise your goal.

  • How to use Mental Rehearsal – a powerful tool for self-improvement and coaching. When you mentally rehearse you use the neural pathways that are involved in actually using the skill for real. Mental rehearsal is widely used as a technique for improvement in music and sport. It makes the new skill familiar and creates micro-movements in the muscles that you need in reality.

  • How to structure and apply a powerful visualisation technique that creates sustainable motivation toward the manifestation of your goals.

  • Other important pointers that enable you to use the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique effectively.

This is the most comprehensive part of the Mindful Power audio programme. It covers the latest theory and practical applications from the field of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology to provide you with everything that you need to know and do so that you can achieve your goals – for once and for all.

Listen to the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique introduction: 

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