Mindful Power Part 6

In this part of the Mindful Power audio programme you will learn the Mindful Power Meditation, which provides positive healing benefits while enhancing your emotional and spiritual intelligence.

The main objective of this recording is to align and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection.

Another benefit of this meditation is that your ability and motivation to use all aspects of the Mindful Power paradigm will be more deeply integrated each time you listen.

Although this is a guided meditation that you can enjoy and benefit from only by listening to it, you will also learn the simple but effective Mindful Power Meditation technique, that will enable you to meditate successfully by yourself. In fact, once you’re familiar with the Mindful Power Meditation technique, you will be able to achieve the experience of deep and profound meditation in only 5 to 10 minutes.

I will start by guiding you into a state of calm and peaceful relaxation using the three main relaxation ‘Switches’ of the general Mindful Power approach. Then you will be prompted to put all your attention inside your body, so that you can experience the inner workings of your deeper intelligence and enhance your kinaesthetic awareness. I will then guide your awareness beyond your physical body, and beyond how you experience space and time on a day to day basis. This part of the meditation will enable you to experience the non-physical aspect of yourself, as well as your interconnection with others and life as a whole. Then there is an integration of mind, body and spirit part of the meditation, which can provide powerful healing and transformative results.

The meditation comes to end with some final suggestions about how you can easily apply the Mindful Power Meditation technique as well as the other Mindful Power techniques and philosophy to achieve greater fulfilment in the different areas of your life.

Listen to the Mindful Power Meditation introduction:

“Mindful Power is a very handy tool when the mind is busy and needs calming and quietening down. I use it for meditation in order to stay present!”
– Joanne Moss

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