Hypnotherapy Recordings


On this page you will find our range of Hypnotherapy recordings in MP3 format. All recordings are also available in CD format. With CD purchases you are eligible for a free MP3 download of the same recording.

Birthing Without Fear (MP3s)
This audio programme helps prevent birthing related tension and anxiety as well as their harmful effects on mother and baby. Learn self hypnosis techniques and psychological tools for a positive and serene birthing experience. Minimizes the need for medical intervention and applies to any birthing procedure and environment. (read more)
Price: €27.00
Mindful Power MP3
Mindful Power audio programme pre-launch special ------ 6 MP3 set
Price: €79.00
Optimum Fertility & Stress Reduction Mind Body Audio Programme 1 (MP3)
For women who are trying to fall pregnant naturally. Each track is designed to optimise your body’s natural function through each phase of your reproductive cycle whilst reducing stress and anxiety levels which could interfere with fertility. (read more)
Price: €27.00
Optimum Fertility & Stress Reduction Mind Body Audio Programme 2 (MP3)
Mind-Body relaxation and visualisation therapy for women who are trying to fall pregnant through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) like IVF or ICSI. (read more)
Price: €27.00
Drop The Habit (MP3)
Helps you stop smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, nail biting, overeating and all unwanted habitual behaviours (read more)
Price: €27.00
Heal Your Body 2 (MP3)
Learn how to use the power of your mind to reduce (and possibly eliminate) pain as well as boost your body’s natural healing ability (read more)
Price: €27.00
Heal Your Body 1 (MP3)
Utilise the power of your mind to strengthen your immune system, regulate your endocrine system, promote healthy cell function and detoxify your body. Includes Chakra balancing (read more)
Price: €27.00
Away for a Change (MP3)
In 20 minutes you can feel like you´ve just returned from holiday. A Hypnosis session to release tension and inspire your mind (read more)
Price: €19.00
Stop Smoking (MP3)
The easy and natural way to quit smoking cigarettes permanently. This powerful Hypnosis session is the core recording in our smoking cessation audio program (read more)
Price: €33.00
Effortless Weight Loss (MP3)
Losing weight and obtaining a leaner and healthier body has never been easier (read more)
Price: €33.00
Authentic Self Empowerment (MP3)
Enables you to live with greater emotional freedom and brings a sense of clarity, direction and meaning while helping you become self motivated (read more)
Price: €27.00
 Cool, Calm & Collected (MP3)
Learn a practical skill to enhance your abilities in any area of your life by transforming the triggers and habits that prevent you from performing optimally (read more)
Price: €27.00
The Cool, Calm & Collected Technique (MP3)
Learn a simple yet powerful technique to relax and centre yourself while activating your whole brain for optimal functioning and performance. (read more)
Price: €19.00