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ASE Licensed TrainerAuthentic Self Empowerment (ASE) guides you to transcend the ego states that limit your personal, professional and spiritual growth.

ASE utilises attention shifting skills that enable you to connect with and be empowered by your Authentic Self.

Combining approaches from NLP, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology, ASE provides the means to elevate your perspective, presence and performance. ASE is not just about personal transformation, it’s about creating a shift in your own consciousness and in so doing, becoming a brighter presence in the lives of others and in the world.

In addition to ASE being our intrinsic mode of operating in the world, its approaches integrate specific principles that enable people to resolve all types of stressful situations with greater ease. ASE includes a simple, practical and dynamic set of skills that anyone can learn and use to deal with challenges effectively, no matter which level they manifested on — physical, psychological or spiritual.

Fill in the form above to receive our monthly ASE tips and training resources.

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