Relationship Resourcing (eBook)

Your complete personal & professional relationship enhancement resource

Written by Jevon Dängeli

Electronic book

Have you ever considered what a relationship is made of?

This book provides you with ideas, understandings and skills which enable you to enhance the quality of your relationships as well as significantly increase your level of joy and fulfillment.

Whether you want to improve a personal or professional relationship, this resource will provide you with valuable information and a self coaching technique to transform and empower how you think about and approach all types of relationship challenges.

Included are Jevon Dängeli’s 7 Pillars of Fulfilling Relationships as well as a point for point explanation of the Relationship Resourcing process that he teaches at his Authentic Self Empowerment™ Facilitator Training and guides listeners through in the Relationship Resourcing audio-programme.

You don’t need to have a broken or problematic relationship to benefit from this book, as it can also serve as a practical resource for you to take even functional relationships to a whole new level of success.

When you realize that you create your experiences, you will discover that you can un-create them too. The person responsible for the level happiness, fulfillment and success in your relationship is only you! In this book Jevon shows you how.

Price: €14

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