Self healing & empowerment for grownups & kids

If you had a mental skill to feel and perform better fast, a process so simple, children could use it – would that interest you?
Dynamic Spin Release™ (DSR) consists of several techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as ten minutes. DSR techniques are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children.
DSR is an extensive methodology that enables you to create deep and lasting change in just a few minutes. While most of the processes represent sophisticated concepts from a variety of sources, there is also a basic version of DSR that is so simple to do, even children can do it. DSR is safe and easy to do with yourself, or others, and even babies.
One of the missions of DSR is to help positively change the lives of children around the world by teaching them how to use this simple and effective self healing and empowerment skill.
DSR is ideal for children – It’s easy to teach, fun to use … and most of all, it leverages their natural creativity and imagination. By using DSR with the children in your life, you’ll teach them a practical tool to control their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – and their results.
The creators of Dynamic Spin Release™ – Kris and Tim Halbom (see bios below) have received incredible feedback from many parents that have taught their children how to do DSR. Kris says: “I just love the idea of a child learning how to do DSR, and then learning how to spin out a bad feeling or emotion whenever it arises. Just think how doing this could positively alter a child’s future.”
Kris explains: “I have worked with a lot of children in my private practice and have used DSR to help children release everything from pain, to limiting beliefs, to unconscious critical voices, and negative emotions like anxiety, stress, worry, etc…. “
And there is more, Kris continues: “I also know of mothers who have been able to take children as young as 3 years old through the Dynamic Spin Release process. When it comes to DSR with babies, that involves a different kind of DSR intervention, and there are a few that Tim and I have developed that work specifically with babies.
Kris & Tim Hallbom are presenting their DSR training in Mallorca, Spain on 1-3 June 2012. Details here.

Below are a few letters that Kris and Tim have received from some mothers who have used DSR with their young children:
Letter from a Mother, who has been using DSR, with her 3-year-old and her 6-year-old children. She also uses it with herself and in her private practice….
Hello Tim
I hope this note finds you well. As promised here is some detail about how I’ve used the dynamic spin technique (which I love by the way, it’s truly bonkers but it seems to work!)
The first time I used it was with one of my clients. She was having a debilitating feeling of dread about her work and therefore that she wasn’t being her best for herself or her clients. This was disproportionally important for her as she’d just taken the plunge into running her own business. I suspect it was this fear of it now being important and really counting that was making her dread it.
Anyway we took the feeling of dread out of her body and spun it in reverse. It duly exploded. In return the universe sent her a shower of golden sparkles. The metaphor was perfect as she doused herself with the sparkles a bit like a metaphysical body glitter and now uses it to help her shine whenever she feels a bit flat. To date the dread hasn’t returned (thankfully).
The second time I used it was on myself. (I told you this story) I had run to work in the morning and during the course of the day my ankle got more and more painful to walk on. I left work to collect my children and hobbled, slowly to the tube station. On the tube (where thankfully I managed to get a seat) I drew the pain out, spun it in reverse until it exploded. The universe gave me back a metaphorical bandage made of very pale blue light. I wrapped it round my ankle and was able to get the kids and get home (the pain hadn’t gone but it has certainly lessened). It was a brilliant quick relief until I was able to treat it properly.
I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear that my ankle is now well on the road to recovery and I can run with no pain. The training is going well and I am feeling really confident about the run in October. thank you so much for helping with that.
I have also played with DSR with the kids, especially their grumpy moods! They love the idea of spinning the grump out of themselves (Grace is 6, Dex is 3). And waiting for their present; they do get some quite fantastic things. One day we had to take our metaphorical unicorn with us everywhere (Grace). For some reason Dex always gets sent a motorbike – he’s such a boy! ~ Claire Benson, London, England
Letter from Mom, who has been using DSR with her 4-year old…
Hi Kris,
I wanted to tell you about something that happened last night. My kids were taking their evening shower, when my youngest slipped and hit his hip and side on the side of the tub. He was in obvious pain and was crying uncontrollably. When I was able to get him to focus on me, I asked him to show me where the pain was. We pulled the pain out and put it in front of him. MY 4 YEAR OLD was able to tell me that the pain was red and he showed me which way it was moving! (Clockwise away from him)
We reversed the spin and then sped it up… he was doing all the spinning with his hands, and it was so cool because it looked like he was really looking at that pain while he was spinning it. When it exploded and the giant cosmic vaccume came out, he completely stopped crying…..and when he was left with a gift, guess what it was? A puppy! And he pulled the puppy in and snuggled his side and lit it give him puppy kisses. He was laughing away…pain forgotten…and once again himself in a matter of about 2 minutes! SO – THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing that with me! I am so excited and awed with the power of this! I just had to share the story with you! HUGE HUGS! ~ Kristen Santangelo, Los Angelas, California
Follow up letter from the Mother of the Four-year-old…
Hi Kris!
Please feel free to share this story! I have Dynamic Spin Release several times with now with my 4 year old. He consistently gets that puppy as his gift! And the funny thing is we ALL want one! I haven’t really used it with my oldest son yet, but he has definitely been listening. Last night when we did it again with Corbin, my other son, cooper, jumped in and started with the questions: what color is it and what way is it spinning…so I know he is absorbing it!
I agree that this is such a valuable tool for all parents and kids to have! I agree that there should be classes like focused on children. From my experience, I think it would be a perfect thing to begin teaching in pre schools in the “mommy and me” classrooms…and again in kindergarden.
~ Kristen Santangelo, Los Angelas, California
Kris & Tim Hallbom are presenting their DSR training in Mallorca, Spain on 1-3 June 2012. Details here.
Little girl spins away her stress, and receives a magical gift from her future self!

The following article was written by Sharon Riou, who is only 10-years old. Here is her story written in her own words…

Hey this is Sharon again, This time I want to talk to you about friends. Have you ever had a problem with your Friends? Have you ever realized that they are not really your friends??

Well I had a experience like that, I use to have a friend that I thought was the best friend ever, and then we got into a stressful situation and I realized that she was not a good friend and that she was just using me.

After that Every time I looked at her I felt like throwing-Up!!. Then my parents realized that I kept talking bad about her. So my parents decided to help me use the Dynamic Spin Release to take the bad vibe out of me.

First I was like “Thank God we are taking this out of my brain” and then I started feeling a lot of nervousness. During the process my parents ask me to think about the bad vibe and to notice where I felt it in my body and what it looked like, and it was something hard for me to describe, but then it turned out to be a shape that is similar to the cells in our body. I then realized that I was sitting hunched back, because I also felt the bad vibe in in my back!

After the spinning my parents ask me about the gift I received, and I was able to see myself in the future getting a scholarship for Law School. Later on I sent a message to Sharon in the Future telling her that “You are a smart Girl, no body is Smarter than you and you will be the best lawyer ever” and I started to cry like a baby and hugged my parents because I felt so grateful to take that feeling out of me, and now I do not have any hunchback and I am standing straight !!! :-)

In conclusion I feel so Happy that all the bad feelings went away thanks to The Dynamic Spin Release.

Love !! Sharon.

What are these gifts Sharon received and where do they come from?
– A brief commentary by Kris Hallbom

When doing Dynamic Spin Release™, one of the several techniques that we have developed is to have the person identify an unpleasant feeling, image, or voice and place it several feet outside of them in the form of a 3-dimensional holographic image. In Sharon’s case, it was a really bad feeling that had to do with the falling out she had with her best friend. (1)

We then ask the person which way is the image turning. Whenever we ask someone this, they almost always say clockwise or counterclockwise. Rarely does anyone say that the image has “no spin” to it all.

We then ask the person to spin the image in the opposite direction of how they originally saw the image, and to spin the image so fast and hard that it explodes and disappears back into the universe. It’s as if a big giant vacuum comes in and sucks it up. And then a special “gift” will appear inside of the newly created empty space. The gift often serves as a powerful healing resource for the person doing the spinning, and has profound meaning for them. In Sharon’s case, the gift was an image of her future self going to Law School, which was a powerful gift for her because it made her feel really smart. Once the person gets the gift, we then have them bring the healing essence of it back into their heart or somewhere in their body. (2)

What are these gifts and where do they come from? In NLP terms they might be understood as coming from the unconscious mind of the client, and from a Jungian psychology perspective; they might be understood as metaphorical archetypes. Carl Jung put forward the idea of a Collective Unconscious to which all humans have access. He described this Collective Unconscious as a vast reservoir of archetypical images formed throughout the history and development of mankind. (3)

Although these archetypal images are common to humanity, the significance of a particular archetype to the individual person is specific: thus, the archetype can often appear as a healing symbol or metaphor such as a flower, a shining star, or a wise old sage– which is exactly what the person needs at that moment in their life. So now we ask people to look for these metaphorical archetypes as an intrinsic part of the Dynamic Spin Release™ process. (4) (5)

Over time, we have noticed a pattern to the types of metaphorical gifts the person’s receive, the color of the gifts, the shape of the gifts and the overall quality of the gifts. Usually the gift appears to be some kind of an archetypical metaphor that has special meaning to the client such as a diamond, a treasure box or a fairy princess. So now we ask people to look for these metaphorical gifts as an intrinsic part of the process.

We have developed several new techniques and/or variations of the aforementioned process. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this, and people seem to love doing it, especially children!


1. Dynamic Spin Release and the Metaphors of Your Mind by Kris Hallbom, NLP California (Burlingame, CA 2008).

2. Introduction to Dynamic Spin Release™ DVD with Tim and Kris Hallbom (Smartdreamers productions, London, England, 2009)

3. The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung. (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol.9 Part 1)

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Kristine Hallbom is the co-founder of the NLP Institute of California and is a principle author and developer of Dynamic Spin Release™ and the WealthyMind™ program. Recognized for her ability to translate complex ideas into practical skills, and for her warm, approachable style, Kris has trained and coached clients throughout Europe, South America, Australia, Canada and the United States. She is a long time trainer and student of NLP and Systems Thinking, and holds a degree in Psychology and Languages.

Tim Hallbom is widely considered to be one of the most talented and accomplished NLP trainers in the world. He is an internationally known expert in how to change limiting beliefs through the medium of NLP, as well as co-author of the best selling books, Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-beingand NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. Throughout his expansive NLP career, Tim has worked with individuals and organizations, authored several articles and books, founded training centers and professional organizations, keynoted international conferences and lectured all over the world.

© 2010 Kris Hallbom

Kris & Tim Hallbom are presenting their DSR training in Mallorca, Spain on 1-3 June 2012. Details here.