Coaching Recordings


On this page you will find our range of coaching recordings in MP3 format. All recordings are also available in CD format. With CD purchases you are eligible for a free MP3 download of the same recording.

Birthing Without Fear (MP3s)
This audio programme helps prevent birthing related tension and anxiety as well as their harmful effects on mother and baby. Learn self hypnosis techniques and psychological tools for a positive and serene birthing experience. Minimizes the need for medical intervention and applies to any birthing procedure and environment. (read more)
Price: €27.00
Mindful Power MP3
Mindful Power audio programme pre-launch special ------ 6 MP3 set
Price: €79.00
Effective Phone Coaching
Effective Phone Coaching
Learn the ins and outs of providing your coaching service over the phone.
Price: €19.00
The Facilitating a Context for Change seminar
The Facilitating a Context for Change seminar
Change techniques are secondary! Facilitating a Context for Change enables your clients to find their own best answers within – then change, healing and growth is enabled naturally and automatically. This may be the most effective and ethical skill in your repertoire.
Price: €19.00
Sam´s Welt (MP3)
Eine bestärkende Geschichte für Kinder und wichtige Informationen für Eltern. (read more)
Price: €14.00
Die Gedanken sind frei (German) (MP3)
Schluß mit dem ewigen Aufschieben! Ein wirkungsvoller Prozess zur Schärfung der Intuition und Erhöhung der Selbstmotivation. (read more)
Price: €19.00
Sam´s World (MP3)
An empowering story for children and teenagers to develop a healthy self esteem. Includes vital information for parents too. (read more)
Price: €19.00
Authentic Self Empowerment Set (MP3)
11 unique top quality personal development recordings and 2 groundbreaking E-books for the price of 8 recordings (read more)
Price: €147.00
Overcome Crisis Management (MP3)
Learn 15 simple yet effective crisis management skills and discover how to continue living resourcefully after your crisis has been managed (read more)
Price: €27.00
Luca's Island (MP3)
Story to promote deep healing. Created to help children & adults overcome the fear of abandonment (read more)
Price: €19.00
Build Self Esteem & Boost Confidence (MP3)
By listening to this recording you will discover new ways of experiencing yourself that will change the way you think and feel as you transform from the inside out (read more)
Price: €27.00
Change Matters (MP3)
Imagine having your own simple yet effective strategies for overcoming the challenges associated with change, so you can thrive through change. Since you’re going to experience countless changes in your life, the benefits are endless…(read more)
Price: €27.00
 Relationship Resourcing (MP3)
Helps increase fulfilment in your personal and professional relationships. 4 Tracks including voice, music and audio technologies (read more)
Price: €27.00
Mind Over Matter (MP3)
Overcome emotional turmoil & procrastination while learning an effective strategy for goals achievement. Improves intuition and self awareness (read more)
Price: €27.00
Empowered Performance with HNLP (MP3)
Learn a practical skill to enhance your abilities in any area of your life by transforming the triggers and habits that prevent you from performing optimally (read more)
Price: €27.00


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