Jevon Dängeli presents the following internationally recognised certification courses & events:

There are various course STARTING POINTS depending on your interest and previous experience. If you are unsure about which course module to begin with or if you require more information than what you will find in the links below, then please contact us.

Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Training (online & onsite options)

NLP Facilitator Training (online)

NLP Advanced Facilitator Training (online)

NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training (onsite)

Master NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training (onsite)

Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Training (Hypnosis I)

Hypnotherapist Training (Hypnosis II) (online & onsite options)

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training (Hypnosis III) (onsite)

Transpersonal Coach Training (online & onsite options)

Wellness Coach Training (online)

The following events are also presented by 
Jevon Dängeli: 

Inspirational Speaking

Talent Discovery & Expression

Stress & Burnout Rejuvenation Retreats

Stress Resilience & Burnout Prevention Seminars.

If you require more information than what you will find in the links above, then please contact us.


A comprehensive, personalised & cost effective NLP distance learning programme



Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator Training

Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) is a simple, practical and dynamic set of skills that anyone can learn and use to overcome challenging situations, whether they are manifestations on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

See course details >>here<<

The ASE methods which developed from NLP, HNLP & Hypnotherapy, provide Coaches & Therapists with a holistic approach to healing the root of most challenges, quite conversationally. ASE methods focus on personal transformation and remedial change – facilitating a context for personal growth that heals your past, empowers you in the present and enables you to co-create a compelling future.

ASE is a powerful way to change the unconscious patterns that are responsible for unwanted behaviours. It enables you to re-program your unconscious mind, so that you can be more resourceful in any area of life.

This profound approach to Self empowerment, personal development and deep healing was developed by Jevon Dängeli after his extensive research in the fields of NLP, HNLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psychology.

When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality too. And when you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!

How can ASE help me?

The ASE approach is effective in helping individuals easily connect with their inner wisdom/greater intelligence to deal more resourcefully with any type of dis-ease, stress, depression, unwanted mental and emotional states, addiction, trauma, phobia, relationship problems, abuse and physical sickness. ASE can be used to help you find direction, clarify goals, connect with your core values, find your life’s purpose and be motivated.

ASE enables you to overcome negative emotions and mind sets that prevent your success and happiness. A negative emotion is an emotion that is toxic to the body and interferes with its balance and harmonious functioning. Fear, anxiety, anger, bearing a grudge, sadness, hatred, jealousy and envy all disrupt the energy flow through your body, affect the heart, the immune system, digestion, production of hormones, and so on.

How can ASE help with such a wide range of issues?

This approach is useful in helping most people deal with any of life’s challenges because it is applied at the very core, or root of your presenting issue. If required, ASE addresses the original emotional event(s) that has lead to your problem or challenge.

Through gentle guided processes using visualization and kinaesthetic awareness your issue is healed and transformed as its occurrence takes on a new meaning in your life. You become empowered as the blockages to the flow of energy in your body and mind naturally disappear. Necessary resources and relevant learnings are accessed metaphorically to change any limiting perspectives and beliefs. Then new options, responses and alternative behaviours are introduced and appropriately integrated.

ASE methods enable you to update limiting perceptions with more truthful metaphors that empower you and support natural healing processes. Once the subjective boundaries of space and time are transcended you gain access to your inner resources that are normally hidden behind such barriers.

A sense of freedom, inner peace, joy and aliveness will flow with greater ease into your life when perceived such barriers are removed. The basic ASE process can include the discovery of your life’s greater purpose and enable you to harness your own suitable, personal and practical way of implementing this.

Read more about the ASE methodology here.


The Fundamentals of NLP & HNLP for Hypnotherapy
(scheduled on request)

A 2-day interactive workshop presented by Jevon Dängeli (Trainer of NLP, HNLP & Hypnotherapy).

Hypnotherapy Training with Jevon Dängeli

Certified NLP Practitioners attending this course are eligible for Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy certification.

Overview of Course Contents:

Objective – To develop alignment & rapport between the ‘conscious mind’, the ‘unconscious mind’ and the ‘Higher Conscious Mind’ (which is the structure of intuition and catalyst for healing).

  • Introduction to NLP, HNLP & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • The group rapport exercise
  • Overview of the NLP Communication model
  • Introduction to relevant NLP & HNLP Presuppositions
  • Introduction to “The 6 Keys to being a great Ericksonian Hypnotherapist”
  • Formatting the group’s Unconscious Mind: The Milton Erickson “Inside the Garage”  induction with suggestions for heightened learning & healing
  • Introduction to “Facilitating a context for Change”. Includes Peripheral Vision as the  optimal state for the Hypnotherapist to be in
  • Introduction to Milton Erickson’s “Utilization” approach Milton Erickson’s “Utilization” technique (including demonstration and excessive)
  • Introduction to the Hypnotic Interview. Explanation of the components of Ericksonian  Hypnotherapy sessions & Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Milton Model Language patterns to direct attention
  • The “Pacing Current Experience” conversational induction (including demonstration & exercise)
  • Using attention shifting questions to induce trance (including demonstration & exercise)
  • Introduction to indirect hypnotic suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions (highlighting the difference between Ericksonian & Traditional Hypnotherapy)
  • Using attention shifting questions to induce trance and arm levitation for suggestibility and healing (including demonstration & exercise)
  • How to use pain as an induction (including explanation & demonstration)
  • How to conduct a Diagnostic Trance
  • An introduction to metaphor and story telling in Hypnotherapy
  • Short self Hypnosis inductions to teach your clients including Erickson’s self hypnosis technique
  • What to expect from your client’s unconscious mind and how to Utilize everything in order to assist the client to enter trance and achieve their desired outcomes

What people have said about this course:

“Absolutely important for any hypnotherapist” – Carl Nel

“Amazing! Great additional stuff to be applied to our practices” – Tanya Raath

“A concise yet comprehensive course delivered by a well-prepared facilitator with razor sharp intellect and in complete mastery of the subject matter” – Wendal Koopman

“Brilliant, I learnt so much. I am so looking forward to a follow up course. Very sound intro into NLP, brilliant trainer, lots of practice, very happy with everything. Very helpful, especially in pre-talk and insightful ways to lead client into trance without using formal induction” – M. Oliver

“NLP and Hypnotherapy is so intertwined that this is a course I would suggest become a compulsory course. Even though I have done an NLP course before, I found Jevon’s presentation explained concepts that I had not quite understood before.” – Miles Harrop

“Many wonderful pearls of wisdom which will be invaluable in rapport building and hypnotherapy procedures” – Roger Luke

“Outstanding. Well thought out and presented with clarity and fun” – Stewart Schwartz

“Eye opening and widening perspectives. Contents and material are excellent. Given more confidence by realizing how ‘easy’ and doable ‘H’ is” – Ida Foxcroft

“It was very insightful and well presented. Money well spent. Everything was excellent. It gave me a number of great techniques to improve my options of what to use when I feel stuck.” – Cobus Swart

“Very informative and valuable information – really helps cement knowledge learnt already – just also expands awareness of the subject to the next level. Lots of information but very appropriately paced and integrated over the weekend” – Priyal Ramdass

“Very interesting tools, it seems like it is this tip of an iceberg and there is so much to it which goes with therapy and how easy trace can be achieved. Extremely well presented” – Angelika Glogger

“This was an awesome course, I have refreshed areas of our learnings as well as learned new stuff. I would recommend it definitely.” – Rene Oliver

“Most definitely will help me to communicate better and will help with my own confidence” – Ryna Holtzhausen

“This was an unbelievable personal experience for me, realizing that trusting your gut feeling is ok, will impact greatly on my life” – Andrea Horstmann

“Feel so much better about reading people and understanding their needs within the therapy” – Marlon August

“This was great. It has made me more relaxed about dealing with clients problems” – Dr. Willie Conradie

“I may have discovered a hidden talent as a story teller which will enhance my use of Hypnotherapy as per the principles of Milton Erickson.” – Lex Klootwyk

“Clear, concise and to the point. Excellent demonstration of skills and hypnotic language. This course will help me become more linguistically proficient.” – Liesel Opperman

“These practical NLP & HNLP processes offer great opportunities. This course was deeply moving for me” – Magnus Niemand

For more information about this course please contact us here.



Dynamic Spin Release™ Training in Mallorca & Cape Town
with Tim & Kris Hallbom
(scheduled on request)

DSR™ consists of several techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as ten minutes. DSR™ techniques are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children.

This extensive (yet fun and easy) methodology will enable you to create deep and lasting change in just a few minutes. While most of the processes represent sophisticated concepts from a variety of sources, there is also a basic version of DSR™ that is so simple to do, even children can do it.

Anyone may attend the first 2 days of the DSR™ course (no previous experience necessary). The third (optional) day of the course is for those who wish to be trained and certified as Dynamic Spin Release™ Practitioners.

To read how DSR™ can be used by children and parents for self healing and empowerment, click here.

Dynamic Spin Release™ was the featured Keynote at the European NLP Conference in London in 2009 and the 2010 Belgian NLP Congress.

Learn Seven Powerful Processes That Can Change Your Life!

Do you want a fast and easy way to free yourself from negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and even physical pain? Here is your opportunity to learn seven brand new techniques that will help you have more peace of mind throughout your life. Dynamic Spin Release™ is a revolutionary approach consisting of several processes that allows users to release their negative thought patterns and physical pain in as little as ten minutes. DSR™ techniques are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children!

How You’ll Benefit by Attending the DSR™ Training:

  • Easily shift negative thought patterns, physical pain and limiting beliefs in yourself and others.
  • Relieve the pain and discomfort of physical ailments such as headaches, colds or chronic injuries.
  • Release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want.
  • Improve your mood and maintain a positive outlook, even when you’re having a bad day.
  • Identify and transform the negative self-talk that keeps you from being your best, and much more!
  • Enjoy this life changing experience in the tranquil and serene surroundings of our luxury venue on the island of Mallorca.

During the first two days of this hands-on workshop, you will:

  • Learn 7 popular Dynamic Spin Release™ techniques that can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Quickly identify which way your thoughts and emotions spin.
  • Learn how to use Dynamic Spin Release™ to release physical symptoms and speed the healing of your body.
  • Learn new hypnotic language patterns of influence to increase the effectiveness of the Dynamic Spin Release™ work that you do with others.
  • Understand the role that metaphorical archetypes play in transforming your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • Quickly detect the non-verbal and linguistical nature of spin, in yourself and others.
  • Discover and apply the 14 principles of Dynamic Spin Release.
  • Sort through the operational metaphors and unconscious distinctions of each spin – essential for deriving the true benefit of each DSR™ application.
  • Develop the competency and skill of dealing with any problems that may arise when doing these processes.
  • Effectively use the Dynamic Spin Release™ process with others, even with small children and babies.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business professionals
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Healers
  • Coaches
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Teen Agers and Young Adults

Dynamic Spin Release™ is ideal for children – It’s easy to teach, fun to use … and most of all, it leverages their natural creativity and imagination. By using Dynamic Spin Release™ with the children in your life, you’ll teach them a practical tool to control their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – and their results.

To read how DSR™ can be used by children and parents for self healing and empowerment, click here.

Day three of this course – DSR™ for Professionals:

After you’ve mastered the Basics of DSR™, you can guide others in using this powerful methodology to create dramatic and lasting change by becoming a Certified Practitioner of Dynamic Spin Release™.

During this one-day certification program, you will learn advanced DSR™ processes that go beyond what is taught in the two-day Basics of DSR™ Training. Working closely with DSR™ developers Kris and Tim Hallbom, you’ll deepen your skills and understanding of DSR™… and be one of the pioneers exploring this rapidly developing field.

During this intermediate-level training, you’ll discover:

  • Several new advanced Dynamic Spin Release™ techniques and applications, which will allow you to be even more thorough and elegant when dealing with complex issues.
  • The most common pitfalls and challenges you’ll face when using DSR™ with others.
  • How to use DSR™ to identify and resolve unconscious conflicts in yourself – and in others.
  • How to troubleshoot the DSR™ process when clients aren’t getting the results they desire.
  • Ways to enhance your effectiveness when applying DSR™ techniques to address variety of situations.

Who Should Attend the DSR™ for Professionals day

DSR™ for Professionals equips you with the practical tools to help those you work with achieve bigger and longer-lasting results in a matter of minutes. Ideal participants include:

  • Business Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Healers

Upon successful participation in this full-day workshop, you’ll be granted certification as a Practitioner of Dynamic Spin Release™ directly from Kris and Tim Hallbom, the creators of DSR™.

To read how DSR™ can be used by children and parents for self healing and empowerment, click here.

For more information on DSR™ see here.

DSR Course Pricing in Cape Town or Mallorca:

If you are interested in attending a DSR course in Cape Town or Mallorca, please enquire.

The following payment buttons are NOT currently operational – they apply to a previous DSR course. The prices below indicate (roughly) what the fee of a DSR course would be in Cape Town or Mallorca. Based on sufficient interest we will invite Kris and Tim Hallbom to present DSR at one of our course venues.

2-day DSR™ Training, standard price – €400

2-day DSR™ Training – €200, special price for ASE Facilitator Training participants

3-day DSR™ Practitioner Certification Training, standard price – €500

3-day DSR™ Practitioner Certification Training – €250, special price for ASE Facilitator Training participants

Course fees include catering, training materials & certification (for 3-day course)



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