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What is open awareness (OA)?

OA is an expansive perception that promotes a resourceful state and the following qualities:

  • Introspection & interoception – metacognitive awareness in which we can mindfully observe mental activities, emotions, bodily sensations and somatic experience
  • Outrospection – heightened awareness of others and the ways that we relate to them, which cultivates empathy and compassion
  • Envirospection – broad awareness of the space around us which connects us to everything in the environment and the cosmos

Applied OA is naturally eco-logical – beneficial for you, others, and the world (win-win-win).


How can OA help you?

Fear and stress trigger tunnel awareness (TA), sparking the mind and body’s emergency defence mechanisms. Problems arise when TA is provoked unnecessarily, causing us to react negatively or destructively. If unresolved, high levels of fear or stress can result in serious health or relationship issues. By activating OA, we access a range of more positive, resourceful, and health-promoting responses that stimulate flow.

How can OA help groups & organizations?

The OA Integral Process enables groups to harness their collective consciousness and combined creativity to achieve win-win-win results. These outcomes are typically beneficial for all individuals in the group, including the group as a whole, and the broader population.

The OA for Change Initiative applies the OA Integral Process to address health or safety concerns, social problems, or environmental issues in one’s community or globally.

Open Awareness Integral Process

How can you learn & integrate OA?

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Licenced OA Facilitators

The Licenced OA Facilitators are qualified to provide 1-1 sessions and group processes. They undergo continued professional development in OA skills and they are supervised by Licenced OA Trainers.