Dreams or Delusion

Why New Year Resolutions don’t work, and what you can do about it!

Here we go again, a new year with all its opportunities and uncertainties begins…

What do you dream about achieving in 2013? Dreaming in the form of intending what you want to manifest in your life is a good thing, as it primes your consciousness to better identify and utilise both your internal and external resources.

Wishing for a more fulfilling relationship, better job, new car, healthy body, or anything else that you think will make you happy is a delusion. You’re bound to be disappointed if your aim is to acquire something in order to feel a certain way.

Dreaming is an inside-out approach that creates success momentum. Delusion is an outside-in approach that eventually results in stress and burnout.

Inside-out means knowing what you want and how it feels to be the person who has already achieved your desired result, then allowing your thoughts, feelings and actions to be inspired by your End State Energy!

Outside-in means chasing a goal in hope that the achievement of that goal will bring for you the experience that you would like to have. This approach, at best, gets short-term results, but usually at a high cost because of the amount of energy that its pursuit consumes.

So choose to dream big in 2013, and allow those big feelings to guide you toward the experiences that enliven you even more. In this way you get what you want through being who you are, and that’s the winning formula.

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Choose to make 2013 your best year so far!

Love, Jevon

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