Drop the Habit

Drop The Habit

Type: Hypnotherapy and Authentic Self Empowerment™ processes.

Benefits: The Drop The Habit audio program can help you to stop unwanted habitual behaviours like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, gaming, nail-biting, overeating and many others.

Structure: 4 Tracks including voice, music and audio technologies.

Format: MP3 & CD.

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Habits come in many forms. This soothing and comforting recording can help you drop any of them. Free yourself from unwanted thoughts and behaviours that limit you from experiencing your full potential. Reclaim your freedom to respond in new creative ways to each moment of your life.

Beautiful calming music embedded with state of the art brain-stimulating audio technology, including inductive therapeutic voice techniques are skilfully used to create this profound and enjoyable listening experience.

Negative emotions, depression, un-fulfilling relationships, and compulsive behaviours are all types of addictions that can be transformed. Release the need to be appreciated, or to get attention, or to always being right. This ground-breaking audio program is designed to empower you to change with ease and access your abundant inner resources.

More details:

One definition of addiction is an inability to control reoccurring behaviours or emotions. You may find yourself performing an unwanted behaviour quite automatically or unintentionally. You might even decide to behave or feel differently, but an uncontrollable desire results in “that same old experience”. This is because of your reaction to certain unconscious neurological stimuli. The Drop the Habit recording is designed to influence these unconscious reactions and turn them into new resourceful responses.

Although the Drop the Habit recording is a stand-alone product that has by itself empowered many people to break habits and change unwanted behaviours, it also forms an integral part of some of our comprehensive audio programs. 2 examples are the (100% money-back guaranteed) STOP SMOKING and Effortless Weight Loss audio programs.

You could say good-bye to ineffective methods, excessive medications and expensive consultations. Reap the benefits of our ground-breaking audio programs in privacy, with the option of support by telephone/Skype and email. Save time, money and your sanity. Our professional audio programs work! If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund you.  If you would like us to compile an audio program to suit your specific requirements, please inquire.


“Just through listening to your Drop The Habit – Set Yourself Free CD, something in my mind went ‘click’ and I’ve completely lost my desire to smoke. I feel like someone who has never smoked THANK YOU!!!”
-Benedict, South Africa-

“I loved listening to your Drop the Habit – Set Yourself Free recording. As I listened more, I found it helped me get in touch with childhood experiences that are related to my anxious habits. I came up with a loving message to myself, “All is well”, that I now use when I catch myself repeating them. And I repeat them less often. Thank you! I have also listened to Cool, Calm and Collected, and it, too, is wonderful to have. I love hearing your mesmerizing, calming voice!”
-Connie Parsons, United States-

“Listening to Drop the Habit was like a miracle for me. I don´t know at what point I realized that I don´t need anything like chewing gums or candies in my mouth anymore. The dependency of having those sweets every half hour has disappeared completely!”
-Ines, Spain-

“Drop the Habit is extremely useful as I am currently working on a particular habit and experiencing success.”
-Lizette Preiss, South Africa-

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