Everyday Heaven & Hell (Part 1)

When you feel love, joy, inner peace, bliss and a sense of vibrant aliveness that makes everything meaningful and interconnected – this is Heaven!

When you suffer, when you’re feeling sad, lonely, angry, guilty or any other emotion that is unpleasant – this is Hell!

We experience Hell when we believe thoughts that cause us dis-ease, and we tend to believe such thoughts when we are unaware of who we truly are. We experience Heaven when we recognize thoughts as the concepts that they are without identifying with them. When we are no longer living in states of identification with thought and form, then we experience our unlimited and Authentic State.

Heaven is living consciously and Hell is living unconsciously. Living unconsciously means being unable to control your mental and emotional state because you perceive other people and elements to be the cause of this. All distress, conflicts and wars are the results of unconsciousness. It is the root of evil.

Living consciously means being awake to what is going on inside you mentally and emotionally each moment with the awareness that you are more than your thoughts and emotions. Consciously aware people are more in the flow, they are better able to adapt to life’s changes, make wise choices and perform well.

To experience more Heaven and less Hell each day all you need to do is recognise that the only thing that makes you feel bad are your negative thoughts (not other people or situations). When you acknowledge those culprit thoughts and observe them with curiosity, they lose their grip on you. There is no need to try to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, as when you are no longer identifying with those negative thoughts, you automatically identify more with the source of your thinking which results in Authentic Self Empowerment.

Okay, I know…easier said than done, but here’s a way to get started:

  1. Aim to catch the thought that causes you to feel bad by identifying it as soon as you feel that emotion arising.
  2. Holding that thought in mind, notice how it makes you feel.
  3. Ask yourself: “Where does this thought/concept come from”? “Is it even true?”
  4. Let your awareness investigate that thought the way a curious child questions a new idea.
  5. Then notice how the feeling in your body changes and releases.

Observing previously unconscious thoughts in this way brings them into the light of your conscious awareness. Darkness cannot exist in the light. The more light you shine on those old unwanted thoughts, the less they will affect you, and the more you will experience Heaven on earth.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach


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