Heal Your Body 2


Heal Your Body 2. Pain relief using NLP & Hypnotherapy

Type: Hypnotherapy (A pain relief process plus a physical healing session)

Benefits: Learn how to use the power of your mind to reduce (and possibly eliminate) pain as well as boost your body’s natural healing ability.

Structure: 2 profound physical healing sessions.

Format: MP3 & CD

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This unique Hypnotherapy recording includes the Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Self Healing Paradigm and a guided Hypnosis session to relieve physical pain as well as promote healing in an injured or infected area of the body.

This powerful holistic healing methodology is effective at reducing and possibly even eliminating pain. By listening, you will enhance your mind-body connection whilst promoting healing in a particular area of your body.

Whether you have a physical injury, chronic pain, had recent surgery or experience discomfort associated with infection or sickness, this recording will provide you with a rapid and sustainable way to enhance your body’s natural self-healing capability.

This recording is also about enhancing your body’s ability to allow life-giving energy to flow more readily throughout you while learning how to direct your healing power with precision.

Imagine being able to live without pain, free of medication and medical intervention… Amongst other benefits, this recording may offer you such possibilities.

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The many benefits of Hypnotherapy are becoming widely recognized, as it weaves a common thread through the healing arts and sciences. Of all the healing benefits that Hypnotherapy offers, effective pain relief is what this modality is most known for.

There is an amazing intelligence in your body that is activated when your mind and body are in sync for the purpose of healing. No body knows you better than your own. One emphasis of this recording is to enhance your ability to detect and understand your body’s signals more accurately so that you can take timely action in order to prevent sickness or injury and to recover faster should you have pain or be unwell.

The calm and relaxed state of hypnosis is the ideal way to enhance your mind-body connection as well as to facilitate self healing processes.

Studies at the Harvard Medical School have shown that when hypnotic processes like those used in this recording are used in conjunction with allopathic medical care healing is accelerated. In fact, a Harvard study showed that people who went under hypnosis every week after breaking a bone recovered up to 35% faster than those who didn’t. The reason for this is because when you are in the calm and relaxed hypnotic state your body automatically activates its natural self healing mechanisms. Additionally, healing methodologies like those used in this recording are even more effective while you’re in the receptive frame of mind that’s associated with the hypnotic state.

Brain cells are in constant communication with every other cell in the body. Because of this every thought that you think is “heard” by your heart, liver, stomach, your immune system, and every other part of your body.

Thoughts can therefore initiate muscular, chemical, hormonal and neurological changes. For this reason you can have a conscious influence over many “involuntary” systems of the body.

Stress, anxiety, harsh emotions and unresourceful beliefs also effect the nerve cells that send messages to all parts of the body. This can result in physical dysfunctions, disease and the intensification of pain.

Discovers in Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body research) indicate that it’s our predominant unconscious attitudes and beliefs that have an even greater effect on our level of health and wellness than the conscious thoughts which we may prefer to have about these matters. Therefore positively influencing the unconscious processes of our awareness can have tremendous healing benefits.

The value of effecting change in the Unconscious Mind for the purpose of healing makes sense when you consider one definition of the Unconscious Mind (the sub-conscious) to be “the collective intelligence of all cells in your body”.

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Discoveries in Epigenetics (the study of how environmental signals regulate gene activity) inform us that we are not victims of our genetic code, and that we can influence what happens in our cells. Cell Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton makes it clear that our perception controls both our behaviour and our gene activity!

Hypnotherapy utilizes the mind-body connection to heal the cause of stress and anxiety, and have a positive influence on one’s attitudes and beliefs about health. It is also used in the health context to reduce pain as well as optimise the function of each system in the body down to cellular level.

The use of Hypnotherapy for this purpose includes specific relaxation techniques, relevant guided visualisations, and effective forms of suggestion to bring about appropriate changes at the unconscious level. These changes generally include physical healing as well as integration of constructive beliefs and attitudes.

Specific visualisations included in Hypnotherapy play an important role in maximising your body’s self healing potential. The Heal Your Body 2 recording makes use of therapeutic visualisations to reduce (and possibly eliminate) pain as well as boost your body’s natural healing ability.

According to Dr Sami David, Chinese medicine asserts that where you place your awareness is where your Qi (Life Energy) will follow. Mathew Manning, outlines in his book, ‘Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’, that vivid imagery stimulates the same parts of the brain as the real thing, sending messages to the limbic system, autonomic nervous system as well as the endocrine system (endocrine system is the control centre for hormones including the cortisol and adrenaline stress hormones).

Not only is the Heal Your Body 2 recording a deeply enjoyable and relaxing hypnotherapy session, it provides your body with important healing resources and can be of great support to compliment other treatments that you may be undergoing.

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Heal Your Body 2. Pain relief using NLP & Hypnotherapy

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Give yourself this valuable healing boost!

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