How to Build Self Esteem

Imagine a life where no one can intimidate you, where you have an invisible sense of knowing who you are, a life where you are no longer fighting for the right to be alive…

Your life right now is an external reflection of your internal points of view. We sustain our perceptions (even limiting ones) because they serve a purpose. Becoming more conscious of your perceptions leads to less identification with them. This is the key to Emotional Freedom & Self Empowerment. And those are the ingredients for a healthy and stable Self Esteem.

Medical Intuitive – Caroline Myss defines Self Esteem as an actual “core power” that is essential to our evolutionary progress. Myss teaches that your potential for success in life is determined by how greatly you “esteem” or value who you truly are. She claims that you build Self Esteem by honoring the commitments you make. However she doesn’t recommend beating yourself up if you break your commitments, but rather asks that you recognize that this is self-sabotaging behavior and explore what part of yourself fears your own empowerment and why.

It’s the acceptance of all aspects of yourself that develops your Self Esteem.

Learning how to accept all parts of you and returning to wholeness is like a journey back home after a long visit to the theme park where you became identified with some of the roles that you were playing. This kind of journey is one that each human being is on whether we know it or not.

There is an simple way of identifying the source of your self limiting perceptions (separated parts) and changing them into more resourceful perceptions. The following abbreviated version of the HNLP ‘LINGUISTIC RE-SOURCING’ technique can be quite enlightening if you really consider the following questions sequentially.

Think of an area of your life where you have limited Self Esteem:

  1. What’s limiting you?
  2. How do you know it’s a limitation?
  3. When did you decide that?
  4. How were you before then?
  5. As that person, what are you deciding now?
  6. How is this different from how you were?
  7. How will you integrate this change in your life?

If you fully engage in the above process in the necessary areas of your life, then it’s sure to help you improve your Self Esteem. Another way of achieving this as well as learning a quick and powerful confidence boosting technique is by listening to my Build Your Self Esteem & Boost Your Confidence CD/MP3.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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