Hypnotherapy Training Testimonials

“These were the most fulfilling, exciting and uplifting 9 days of my LIFE! Hypnosis I compliments the NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training. I feel it made more sense as a whole. Words cannot explain how much I learned, everything was perfect.”
-Roberto Sabatino, Director, South Africa-

“What I enjoyed most about Hypnosis I combined with the NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training was its inspiring facilitation by Jevon and Jana – examples of living HNLP. I loved the experiential learning, which made the material tangible. My greatest learnings were to trust the power of the unconscious mind and to embrace the unknown.”
-Joanne Wildt, Facilitator & Coach, South Africa-

“Thank you, you two angels – I have so loved being part of this magical experience. Jevon, you are a magician in the true sense. Jana, you hold the space for all of our processes and journeys. I really felt and experienced the awe-inspiring power of my unsconscious mind in a way that is HUGELY meaningful to me. I will build this into a key component of a “life-change-coaching“ process, for greatest benefit, healing and empowerment for my clients.”
-Tracy Brownlee, Project Manager, South Africa-

“The NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training in combination with Hypnosis I were just the 9 days that I needed. I enjoyed the many practical excercises. As a Coach, building a stronger relationship with my unsconscious mind is the best way I can help my coachees too. Thank you!”
-Schalk Burger, Transformation Coach, South Africa-

“”I am very grateful for this experience and for Jana´s and Jevon´s support. I was pleasantly surprised at being able to enter trance so easily and effortlessly, as well as get someone else into one. Very relaxing! My greatest learning was that I can actually speak to my unconscious mind and it can speak to me through my body and pendulum. Wow! I will integrate my learnings into my coaching and in general – to trust my unconscious mind.”
-Razaana Nordien, Trainer & Quality Assesor, South Africa-

“This course exceeded my expectations in terms of personal learnings. It was an excellent experience and well structured.”
-Brad Abbott, Consultant Trainer, South Africa-

“This course exceeded my expectations, it was excellent! I’m delighted to have made the commitment. The most meaningful and useful parts to me were the exercises – as practitioner and as subject. I’m sorry I have to wait so long until Hypnosis III, but I’ll enjoy all that excited anticipation. Thank you, Jevon.”
-Dr. Conor Hughes – NLP Trainer, Coach & business owner, South Africa-

“This course was awesome and great fun! I had a great experience at so many different levels – learning, personal, interactive…The way Jevon presented the course including the use of trance and hypnotic language patterns etc almost seemed to make this a double learning experience. Thank you very much for an awesome experience!”
-Janine de la Guerre, Computer Programmer, South Africa-

“Everything on this Certified Hypnotherapist training was great! I loved every moment of it. I recommend this course to anybody who wishes to become an excellent Coach or Hypnotherapist. The content is easily understood and practical with lots of exercises and great learning experiences, including lots of personal development. Jevon has this wonderful ability to teach people in a most comfortable way. He just has a way of talking and connecting with every person in the room. This course gave me much more than what I expected. Thank you Jevon & Jana!”
-Naomi Legg, Executive & Life Coach, South Africa-

“Professional, holistic, ecological, brilliant, wow! I loved the training, it integrated a lot for me in terms of coaching. Jevon, you are a natural born teacher – I really resonate with your style and the holistic nature of how you present the course. Jana, your presence is an integral part of this course. Your warmth and kindness touches one on a deep level.”
-Sally Paton, Waitress, South Africa-

“Jevon was originally an enigma, and maybe he still is at some level to me. When he directs his warmth, his words wrap you in an amazing glow. He seems to have a light energy shining out of his eyes all the time. I have done 2 Hypnotherapy courses before. I can confidently say that Jevon displayed mastery in his approach to facilitating and imparting the skills.”
-Brad Abbott, Consultant Trainer, South Africa-

“Jevon has been awesome, he is a brilliant facilitator. I had ample opportunity to experiment and this course has added to my toolbox, increased my skills level and enhanced my ability.”
-Karen McKenzie, Executive & Life Coach, South Africa-

“I found the course to be stimulating and very helpful in gaining a full understanding of both NLP & Hypnotherapy. It has been an enriching experience working with Jevon as a trainer and combined with Jana´s presence, it has altogether been amazing!”
-Sandy Attrill, Guest House owner, South Africa-

“I expected to become a more effective hypnotist, with elegance and finesse. The course exceeded my expectations, it was fantastic!”
-Ryan Kaplan, Business Analyst-

“Hypnosis III is an excellent course which teaches you powerful hypnotic techniques to use for yourself or with subjects. It is a wonderful grand finale to the hypnotherapy journey and builds exceptionally well on the Hypnosis I and II courses. The techniques taught are simple and yet very powerful and although intended to be mastered as a practitioner, creates for delegates powerful experiences and insights. Jevon is a masterful trainer who has deep knowledge of the hypnosis and hypnotherapy field and provides a lot of knowledge and guidance within and outside the boundaries of the course curriculum. I can recommend this course wholeheartedly!”
-Francois Coetzee, Director/Entrepreneur, South Africa-

“The course is excellent – huge personal work and learnings. It took my existing NLP & Hypnotherapy skills to a new level.”
-Min McLoughlin, NLP Trainer, South Africa-

“Thanks for the continuous learning of Hypnosis itself and also the continuous integrated learning of the NLP journey. Now far more…It is a great course, my expectations were far deeper learning and understanding of Hypnosis – I discovered more than that.”
-Sharon van Schalkwyk, Executive Coach-

“Brilliant! I wonder which success you will achieve next by re-connecting with and remembering the truly remarkable hypnotherapist that you will be by doing this masterful Hypnotherapy course. Wow!”
-Karen McKenzie, Executive & Life Coach-

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