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Inspirational Speaking

It’s Jevon’s passion to uplift and inspire people.
He has a way of reaching the heart of his audiences and enabling them to connect with their own
Authentic sense of Aliveness.


Jevon is the survivor of three incidents that brought him extremely close to dying: .
1. He was shot at from arms length in a robbery with the bullet shaving one side of his head.
2. While snowboarding he found himself at a point of no return –
on the verge of being taken over the edge of an alpine cliff by an avalanche.
3. When he could no longer breathe due to excruciating pain associated with a life threatening
inflamation of his heart, Jevon had to depend on his own self hypnosis technique in order to
maintain consciousness during an hour long ambulance trip to the emergency room.

Jevon gets his audience on the edge of their seats while portraying his near death experiences and the valuable insights which they revealed –

“Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.”

During his presentation Jevon demonstrates how –

“Any of life’s challenges can be opportunities for growth and enrichment.”

Holding the hand of his mother as she passed away after a long sickness, Jevon’s perceptions about the meaning and value of life were even further elevated. He has realised deeply how important it is to –

“Make every moment of life count, not because we never
know when it may be over, but because every experience
for something valuable.”

Jevon spent over 12 years travelling around the world for
the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding about what differentiates us as people as well as what connects and unifies all human beings across cultures and geographic boundaries. Learning from many great teachers on his journey, he has discovered a little known yet universal way to open the aperture of our awareness in order to perceive people and situations mindfully.

During his talks he teaches this simple and effective skill in an entertaining manner. He points out how it can also be used to identify daily Sychronicities as well as how to harness such ‘meaningful coincidences’ in order to find our bearings and move toward our goals.

Jevon reveals ways in which anyone can find meaning in even the most mundane aspects of life. This leads to us being more open-minded, creative, proactive, and compassionate toward ourselves and others. He suggests –

“The meaning of life is the meaning we give it, therefore, the more significant the meaning we give our experiences, the more significant our life becomes.”

Jevon has presented personal development seminars as well as accredited NLP and professional coach training around the world since 2004.

His inspirational talks draw on his coaching and training expertise, include practical insights from his life defining experiences, as well as incorporate metaphors and charismatic story telling as a way of expanding the world-views of each individual in his audience.

Through having their perspectives broadened and then shown how to bring empowered attitudes to the difficult situations in life, his audiences learn how to become more resourceful in the face of adversity. He holds that everyone can (and should) embody their central purpose in the main areas of their life in order to be resilient as well as to thrive. He demonstrates how this can be achieved in his talks.


Jevon adapts his presentations to suit his listeners and the objectives of those who hire him. He has a way of tuning into the collective psyche of his audience, meeting them where they are and leading them to states of elated captivation.

A frequent theme in his talks is that of the map is not the territory, explaining how our internal representations determine our external experience of life. Jevon teaches his audiences how to update their outdated maps in order to be fully functional and fully present in life.
His message in this part of the talk is –

“When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality. When you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!”

For audiences where the effects of stress and burnout are inhibiting productivity and effectiveness,-
as a specialist in this field Jevon includes constructive content from his MSc studies in Transpersonal Psychology (including mindfulness practices) in order to assist in treating and preventing such conditions.

Jevon speaks to diverse audiences including junior schools, high schools, professional development institutions, social workers, medical staff, businesses, sports teams, as well as at team-building events, and any group who desire to be inspired and become an inspiration to others.

People leave Jevon’s talks not only mentally and emotionally invigorated, but also with handy
psychological skills to sustain their own Authentic sense of Aliveness in the long term.

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What people have said about Jevon’s speaking events:

“One huge and wonderful uplifting experience! Jevon shows so much passion. His presentation has opened my eyes to ways I can develop in my own public speaking.”  
-Andrew Grant, Inspirational Speaker, UK-

“Jevon puts heart and soul into his well-structured presentation. It was an absolute delight and a mesmerizing learning and growing experience – Thank you!”
-Marli Beukes, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa- 

“This event was awesome, amazing & inspiring! I absolutely loved Jevon´s communication style! Every single aspect was awesome! It kept me interested and entertained 100% of the time – which is a first for me!”
-Santell May, Senior Fraud Investigator, South Africa-

“I am in awe of Jevon´s expertise and communication skill. I loved the presentation and feel incredibly connected to the other participants. Truly a life-changing experience!”
-Cat MacLaggan, Mum, Canada-

“Jevon’s seminar is FABULOUS! I experienced a complete paradigm shift.”
-Yvonne Teixeira, Sales manager, South Africa-

“Jevon is a brilliant presenter with the right intentions and an incredible willingness to serve. It´s been a life changing experience.”
-Barry Mackay, Vitamins Consultant, South Africa-

“Jevon, you were loving, supportive, inspiring and professional. You made the delivery of this important information a truly transformational and fun experience! You have awakened my curiosity and I will never be able to see life in the same way again, because now I am aware of new and exciting possibilities that I just didn’t see before.” 
-Sally Paton, Waitress, South Africa-

“Attending Jevon’s seminar was the best decision I have made in a long time. I had many „aha-moments“. I now feel ready to handle anything and tackle the challenges at work, at home, with my children, in my relationships, etc. I enjoyed the energy and humour. The experiences shared by Jevon are invaluable to me. Thank you so very much.”
-Scholastica Williams, Senior Technical Manager, Tanzania-

“This event showed me that there are no limits. Thank you for this enlightenment Jevon, and for the wonderful energy you brought into my life.”
-Roberto Sabatino, Director, South Africa-

“The seminar was absolutely fantastic. The energy was amazing and I enjoyed the practical applications very much. Thanks Jevon for sharing your passion.”
-Eugene Opperman, Attorney & Hypnotherapist, South Africa-

“Mostly enjoyable are the structure, precision, contents, focus, knowledge, energy and depth of Jevon´s presentation. Thank you!”
-Claudia Klein, Owner of the South African Institute of Hypnotism, South Africa-

“Jevon’s presentation is insightful and life changing! It equips one with practical techniques that create profound change.”
-Elmarie du Plessis, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa-

“Outstanding! Well thought out and presented with clarity and fun.”
-Stewart Schwartz-

“This was an unbelievable personal experience for me, realizing that trusting your gut feeling is ok, will impact greatly on my life.”
-Andrea Horstmann-

“Jevon, your knowledge and strength is revered. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I have become open to new experiences and see much more opportunity to be “response-able”.”
-Salmon Barnard-

“Jevon’s talk was highly impactful and gave me many insights. He showed us such incredible concepts and ideas. I now know how to improve my state and be more resourceful SIMPLY by changing my posture and my breathing.”
-Jonathan Allan-Barrett-

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 for more information, prices and bookings.

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