Journey into Peace

Enchanting music with brain stimulating audio technologies

Benefits: Helps induce relaxation and inner peace.

Structure: A single 60 minute musical track (no voice).

Format: MP3 & CD


Enchanting music with audio technologies that induce deep relaxation and peace.

Sit back, put your feet up, and take some time for yourself. Pamper your body, mind and soul. Allow this unique musical stimulation to seep into you and massage your brain. Let the notes and frequencies gently sooth and inspire you. You deserve this wonder-filled peaceful experience…

More details:

Journey into Peace is a series of integrated tracks that form 60 minutes of uninterrupted listening pleasure. These tracks utilize binaural beats, triangular pulse modulation and auto-panning modulation in order to produce their relaxing effect on the brain. These audio technologies, along with beautiful music stimulate your brain to induce states of inner calm and peace.

Although Journey into Peace is a stand alone product, it also forms a valuable part of some of our comprehensive audio programs that are compiled to suit each individual’s needs. 2 examples of our popular audio programs are STOP SMOKING and Effortless Weight Loss (100% money-back guaranteed).

Reap the benefits of our ground-breaking audio programs in privacy, with the option of support by telephone/Skype and email. Our professional audio programs work! If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund you. If you would like us to compile an audio program to suit your specific requirements, please inquire.

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I’m listening to you Brain Entrainment recordings at work with headphones, which has had amazing results in terms of relaxation and effective concentration. I use your mp3´s daily. I’m very happy with them. Altogether an outstanding success.
-Lizette Preiss, South Africa-

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