NLP, HNLP, Coaching Training Testimonials

“Thank you Jevon for the outstanding online Wellness Coach course which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was very well presented, practical and informative. I feel my confidence has soared to new heights and I am 100% convinced that I will be able to provide my clients with an excellent coaching experience.” -Peter van Raaij, Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator, England-

“The course and the subsequent processing that has been happening at an unconscious level has had a profound impact on my life. I feel so much more free, content, at peace and empowered. I went to the course to see how I could use it in my career and as a coach (in the company I work for or outside), however I did not expect the level of personal growth that I gained. For the first time in my life, I feel free. Free to explore different possibilities in my mind and in my life.”
-Heila du Toit, HR manager, South Africa-

“Thank you so much Jevon, for allowing me this life changing experience. I am grateful and feel blessed to have you as an amazing blessing in my life. The whole course has been such an amazing journey – I enjoyed everything!”
-Terrick Romer, Performance Coach, South Africa-

” This training exceeded my expectations. I´ve enjoyed every single moment of this course, most of all, the changes within myself. The full content and layout of this course was perfect and constructed in a way that works. Thanks Jana & Jevon. I will never not succeed in life, you have shown me that I have a choice and that I can be happy. I will never see things the same way again – my life has actually begun!”
-Riana Arendse, Assistant Bank Manager, South Africa-

“Jevon, you rock – you are holding the space so well. It´s been an amazing experience with constant encouragement and the opportunity to use and integrate what we´ve learned. This content is accessible to anyone and with the right encouragement – anything is possible!”
-Renée Annison, Facilitator/Trainer IT and Softskills, South Africa-

“Jevon, you are brilliant! Through the practical exercises I could apply what I learnt as I went along, experiencing first hand how HNLP really works – The process is powerful, immediate and superior to any other coaching model. It allows Coaches to no longer have the need to find the answers, but enables the client to know what´s best for them.”
-Christine Ayiotis, Organisational Change Manager & Coach, South Africa-

“Jevon´s energy throughout the course was amazing, he walks his talk and thoroughly enjoyed the way in which he presented the material. The changes that are achieved through the HNLP approach are very subtle and yet so PROFOUND.”
-Boitumelo Sebape, HR Practitioner, Healer, South Africa-

“Jevon´s presentation as well as the content of this Training are at the highest level, I learned a lot. The NLP/HNLP models are effective and they work – it was a very transformational experience for me! Thank you.”
-Sabine Erwig, Estate Agent, Namibia-

“The 2 days of Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Training that follow the NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training are the glue that “keeps it all together” – adding those Hypnosis skills is a big plus.”
-Neal Kernohan, Consultant, Ireland- 

“This is the best course I have ever attended! Jevon, you are great! I grew a lot as a person and learned many things. Thanks!”
-John Jacobs, Polygraph Analyst, South Africa-

“From the deepest of my heart: Thank you, both of you are wonderful – what a beautiful 9 days. The 2 days of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy added high value as I had time to integrate and get more grounded in my new learnings over the past 7 days. I felt more confident and ready to practise.”
-Silja H. Haaland Pettersen, Interior Decorator, Norway-

“THANKS SO MUCH for the amazing course! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned SO much. I feel really priviledged to have gained such incredible knowledge.”
-Denise Samuelson, Mother, South Africa-

“Any person who is at a crossroad in their life will benefit from this NLP course! I had fun! Now I know there is no mountain that is too high!”
-Sharon Essendrup, South Africa-

“I think this is an awesome course both on a professional and personal level – highly recommendable. Mostly enjoyable are structure, precision, contents, focus, knowledge, energy and depth of Jevon´s presentation. Thank you!”
-Claudia Klein, Owner of the South African Institute of Hypnotism, South Africa-

“This course showed me that there are no limits. Thank you for this enlightenment Jevon and Jana, and for the wonderful energy you brought into my life.”
-Roberto Sabatino, Director, South Africa-

“There was a playful and familiar atmosphere during the course, and at the same time lots of valuable input and structured support. I will implement this humanistic approach into my daily work.”
-Christian Hafner, Psychotherapist & Advertiser, Germany-

“The entire course was absolutely fantastic. The energy was amazing and I enjoyed the practical applications very much. Thanks Jevon and Jana for sharing your passion.”
-Eugene Opperman, Attorney & Hypnotherapist, South Africa-

“Doing the NLP with you guys has certainly opened my mind up to all the different opportunities that are there for us if we allow ourselves to be open to change. Thank you for that gift! I don´t think I could have found a better trainer than Jevon ANYWHERE and I enjoyed the sense of belonging to a very special group of people. The skills that I have learned are going to benefit me in every area of my life.Thank you!”
-Sandy Attrill, Guest House Owner, South Africa-

“Everything at this NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner training was absolutely awesome! The content was transformational, the presentation was outstanding, the venue was peaceful and the catering superb! This is a course that I highly recommend to everyone. Whether you want to apply those valuable skills in the context of your career or if you are looking for a practical way to transform your life into the life of your dreams – your expectations will be exceeded. Jana and Jevon, you were loving, supportive, inspiring and professional. You made the delivery of this important information a truly transformational and fun experience!! Thank you for your guidance, you have given me something that I can always be grateful for. You have awakened my curiosity and I will never be able to see life in the same way again, because now I am aware of new and exciting possibilities that I just didn’t see before. I have learnt how to replace my unconscious beliefs with beliefs of my choosing. I have developed the skills to help people make significant and real changes in their lives. By the end of the course, everyone of us who participated had experienced a profound shift in ways that surprised and delighted us!”
-Sally Paton, Waitress, South Africa-

“Jevon & Jana are just amazing people and have made this journey so special for me. I lernt so much and I´m grateful to have had this opportunity. I´m inspired now to work as a Coach and help children. I realized that NLP really „works“ and I will apply my learnings in every part of my life. Thank you so much.”
-Candice Helena, Fitness Trainer, South Africa-

“This NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training has changed my life in such incredible ways. The space you hold for each of us, the interaction in exercises, such incredible guidance…Thank you, beyond words.”
-Lerié Yell, Sculptor & Designer, South Africa-

“Everything at this training was perfect. Jevon is very encompassing and his gentle and empathetic style made me feel safe to make mistakes. My greatest learning was that I can do this stuff and that just with a little understanding of how we map our reality, we can change that reality. I am going to start working as a Coach. Jana and Jevon, you are both incredible and special people.”
-Tracy Brownlee, Project Manager, South Africa-

“Jevon, your knowledge and strength is revered. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I have become open to new experiences. There is much more opportunity to be “response-able”. I learned that small shifts make BIG differences. The highlight of the course for me was learning to manage the manager inside!”
-Salmon Barnard, Entrepreneur, South Africa- 

“Thank you Jevon and Jana for an amazing journey of learning, for giving of yourself so endlessly and with so much passion. Everything on this training was perfect! I enjoyed the way Jevon created the energy and openness to get us into the appropriate learning state by telling a story at the beginning of each training session. My greatest learnings were that I could open the door of the unconscious mind by using the NLP/HNLP techniques together with my own resources. During my coaching sessions with clients, I now allow my passion to guide me to know what to do at the right time that is best for each client. Over the last 7 days I have learned that I too have everything that I need inside me. Thank you also for helping me to have the greatest break through experience of my life!”
-Naomi Legg, Executive & Life Coach, South Africa-

“Never would I have guessed how far a change can go. I have lived a life of wonder since doing this NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training. The amazing road life has taken me to discover and learn about myself and correcting the “issues” or learn what I have to learn…. is awesome.”
-Reneé Brand, Life Coach, South Africa-

“I listened to the course MP3´s for a long time last night. Awesome. My 95 year old mom heard some of the lecture as well and when I wanted to put the ear phones on, she asked me please not to. She listened along as well and was blown away. She says she just so relates to what is being taught.”
-Catherine van Eeden, South Africa-

“I am absolutely enjoying the course MP3´s that you provided me with and they have helped me in so many ways. Thanks for everything.”
-Candice Helena, South Africa-

“I am busy going through the MP3′s and am finding the material very exciting – getting some significant ah-ha’s!”
-Lerié Yell, South Africa-

During the NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training Jevon teaches & demonstrates how to help someone overcome a phobia using the NLP technique known as V-K DISSOCIATION. In one demonstration the client had a fear of being in small places. 6 months later he gave the following feedback:
“Thank you! I feel free from the unnecessary barriers my phobia had created in my life. It’s a whole new chapter for me, where it no longer occupies my mind the way it did before. It was an “uplifting” experience. It is true that one never knows how far a change will go.”
-Roberto Sabatino, Director, South Africa-

”It’s been a life-changing 8 days, a personal journey I would recommend to all. I loved it. Jevon is the most skilled and heart-full trainer I have ever encountered, teaching in a gentle and flexible way to allow all of us to get the learnings we needed, in a relaxed and loving environment, while still keeping us entertained! Jana, I love your grounded stillness and how the two of you hold the gentle space throughout the training. I also had a personal coaching session with Jevon, which was totally transformational!”
-Tracy Brownlee, Project Manager, South Africa-

“Wow!! What I enjoyed most about this training was the vibe, the laughter and the feeling of being safe and cared for. I will use the skills I have learned to make my work much more meaningful, to find lasting solutions, to strengthen my relationships and hold the space for others. Most of all, I will be me and have fun in doing whatever I do.”
-Scholastica Williams, Financial advisor, Tanzania-

“I love the philosophical foundation of the course. I enjoyed the openness of the trainer and all members of the group. I felt accepted and was given all the help and support that I needed in order to complete all excercises.”
-Diana Bantchovska, PRD student, Bulgaria-

”Thank you Jevon and Jana, you are both wonderful amazing people! You make a great team. This course is so great, I enjoyed the style in which Jevon presents the course. His way of connecting with all of us creates open minds through story telling, using metaphors and embedded commands. The suggestions to the unconscious mind create a sense of curiosity and interest. If I apply what I have learnt over these past 8 days, I can overcome any challenge in my life! Thank you for sharing your own learning, your wisdom and a piece of you with me!”
-Naomi Legg, Master NLP&HNLP Practitioner, South Africa-

“Jana and Jevon, may you both be richly blessed for the good work, love and your time that you so freely share! I loved the way in which the course was presented, the support and dedication during the entire course. Thank you!”
-Elaine Pretorius, United Arab Emirates-

“I enjoyed all the parts of our learnings and how they integrated into our lives through the excercises. It has already brought about positive change in my life. I will absolutely live and be what I have learned during this training. Jana and Jevon – you being the role models of “walking your talk” is more inspiring than you can ever imagine.”
-Joanne Wildt, HNLP Coach & Facilitator, South Africa-

“The learnings and skills acquired during this training will take my coaching business to a whole new level. The special attention that was given to each indidividual´s needs, during and after the training was outstanding. Jevon and Jana always make sure that each participant is cared for – this was such a nurturing experience for mind, body and soul.”
-Reneé Brand, HNLP Coach, South Africa-

“Thanks for everything you´ve given. This course is about conversational change and Jevon´s way of presenting is just so eloquent. Learning about End state Energy is a wonderful way to make decisions and to take one step at a time.”
-Nelda Roux, Mind Coach, South Africa-

“It’s a fabulous experience! The NLP Master Practitioner course alone has created a substantial shift for me. I look forward to all the applications I’ll find in the workplace and in my life. Jevon, thanks so much for being a major part of my NLP journey – you have made a real difference to the experience and I have very much enjoyed working with you. Hope to see you again soon.”
-Ginny Chequer, Programme Leader for ‘Project Footprint’, UK-

“This course brought everything I’d learned about NLP together. It showed me different ways of helping my clients. My highlight of this training was discovering the power of the state and how it can change how we view any problem. Thanks very much Jevon for your support and for making this an enjoyable journey. I really appreciate your insight and the way you stayed with us. You are really skilful and good at what you do.”
-Brett Anderson, Coach, South Africa-

“The various metaphors and having the opportunity to practise under supervision were the highlights for me on this course…including the excellent catering each day.”
-Daniel Roach, Musician and Model, South Africa-

“Jevon, your knowledge and strength is revered. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I have become open to new experiences. There is much more opportunity to be “response-able”. I learned that small shifts make BIG differences. The highlight of the course for me was learning to manage the manager inside!”
-Salmon Barnard, Entrepreneur, South Africa-

“Whether to grow personally or become a Coach or Practitioner or simply to widen your view of the world, this training will do the trick. Jevon, your calmness and centeredness was very soothing when confusion hit! The venue is absolutely gorgeous and added so much inspiration.”
-Stephanie Speets, NLP Master Practitioner, The Netherlands-

“I am enjoying the NLP/HNLP Masters course recording VERY MUCH! What I’m learning helps me make even more sense of the NLP/HNLP Practitioner training material. Now so many things are really falling into place. This course is already everything I hoped for, so enriching, I love it, and I’m totally excited to attend the live training.”
-Renee Brand, Coach, South Africa-

“Thanks so much to Jevon and Jana for a course that was a great experience, full of fascinating information, and of very excellent standards!”
 – Sam Huckle, Landscaper, Pranic Healer, South Africa-

“Absolutely important for any hypnotherapist” – Carl Nel

“Amazing! Great additional stuff to be applied to our practices” – Tanya Raath

“A concise yet comprehensive course delivered by a well-prepared facilitator with razor sharp intellect and in complete mastery of the subject matter” – Wendal Koopman

“Brilliant, I learnt so much. I am so looking forward to a follow up course. Very sound intro into NLP, brilliant trainer, lots of practice, very happy with everything. Very helpful, especially in pre-talk and insightful ways to lead client into trance without using formal induction” – M. Oliver

“NLP and Hypnotherapy is so intertwined that this is a course I would suggest become a compulsory course. Even though I have done an NLP course before, I found Jevon’s presentation explained concepts that I had not quite understood before.” – Miles Harrop

“Many wonderful pearls of wisdom which will be invaluable in rapport building and hypnotherapy procedures” – Roger Luke

“Outstanding. Well thought out and presented with clarity and fun” – Stewart Schwartz

“Eye opening and widening perspectives. Contents and material are excellent. Given more confidence by realizing how ‘easy’ and doable ‘H’ is” – Ida Foxcroft

“It was very insightful and well presented. Money well spent. Everything was excellent. It gave me a number of great techniques to improve my options of what to use when I feel stuck.” – Cobus Swart

“Very informative and valuable information – really helps cement knowledge learnt already – just also expands awareness of the subject to the next level. Lots of information but very appropriately paced and integrated over the weekend” – Priyal Ramdass

“Very interesting tools, it seems like it is this tip of an iceberg and there is so much to it which goes with therapy and how easy trace can be achieved. Extremely well presented” – Angelika Glogger

“This was an awesome course, I have refreshed areas of our learnings as well as learned new stuff. I would recommend it definitely.” – Rene Oliver

“Most definitely will help me to communicate better and will help with my own confidence” – Ryna Holtzhausen

“This was an unbelievable personal experience for me, realizing that trusting your gut feeling is ok, will impact greatly on my life” – Andrea Horstmann

“Feel so much better about reading people and understanding their needs within the therapy” – Marlon August

“This was great. It has made me more relaxed about dealing with clients problems” – Dr. Willie Conradie

“I may have discovered a hidden talent as a story teller which will enhance my use of Hypnotherapy as per the principles of Milton Erickson.” – Lex Klootwyk

“Clear, concise and to the point. Excellent demonstration of skills and hypnotic language. This course will help me become more linguistically proficient.” – Liesel Opperman

“These practical NLP & HNLP processes offer great opportunities. This course was deeply moving for me” – Magnus Niemand

“Dear Jevon, I just wanted to put it in writing…you did an awesome job. You are truly exemplary. Your willingness to not only jump in, but to go with all of the “newer” ways of working is refreshing and inspiring. You are a shining star.”
-John Overdurf, NLP Master Trainer-

“NLP offers the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena… thus it allows for increasing options, flexibility, creativity and therefore greater freedom of action than most of us know.”
-Training & Development Journal-

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