Overcoming Mental Obstacles (part 4)

Upgrade your thinking – Upgrade your performance

If you’ve read the former 3 parts to this series of articles, then you will know that all human behaviour is driven by our thoughts about situations far more than by situations themselves.

It’s our thoughts and resulting feelings that motivate action or in-action / productivity or procrastination.

If your thoughts are in resistance to your current situation and you feel bad, then make sure that you’re not at that point trying to find a solution. It’s likely that your un-resourceful state will only lead to more unproductive thinking and poor performance.

Anyone knows that when you feel great, you’re on top form, in the flow, thinking creatively and enjoying what you do etc. Therefore be sure to only decide what to do about a challenging situation when you’re in a resourceful state (ie; once any bad feelings have passed).

I’m not an advocate of positive thinking, as most people who try thinking positive thoughts (including affirmations) are actually affirming that they have some deeper down negative thoughts. And it’s their internal negativity that determines their reality more than their copied and pasted positive thoughts.

However, there are some effective ways of changing our internal state by using simple NLP skills like the following:

Identify a thought that causes you to feel bad (remember you’re the only one responsible for your state, so don’t put the blame on anyone else).

Imagine writing that thought on a flying disc with a black pen, then wizz it off into the distance.

Take 3 deep breaths and spin around 3 times.

Then see your flying disc coming back toward you – now with a new feel good thought on it in bright colours. Catch it and make the new thought yours.

Any child can do that, so can you! Play with your flying disc in creative ways and have fun with this skill until you’re thinking, feeling and performing resourcefully.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach


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