The Cool, Calm & Collected Technique

Type: Self Hypnosis

Benefits: Learn a simple yet powerful technique to relax and centre yourself while activating your whole brain for optimal functioning and performance.

Structure: A single track with voice instruction.

Format: MP3

The Cool, Calm & Collected technique is a simple and effective calming and centering method.

This technique is useful as a stress relief process to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

You will learn how to activate your body’s natural relaxation response in four easy steps and achieve a pleasurably alert, yet calm and composed state.

With a little practise the benefits of this technique can be experienced by using only it’s first easy step. This means that you will have a practical method to quickly enter a resourceful state in any context even if stress levels and emotions are running high.

Gaining control over your reactive thoughts is easily achievable with this profound technique.


“Awesome and professional! I am delighted that you’re producing such well researched and top quality material. Keep it up, the world needs more of your work. I really enjoy your recordings. Cool, Calm & Collected helps lower my stress levels and induces relaxed state. Thanks Jevon.”
-Grant Hamel, South Africa-

“Thank you for the Cool, Calm & Collected recording. It’s amazing! I feel rejuvenated after using the technique with a great sense of inner peace. It’s like a massage for my soul.”
-Ingrid Dunn, Botswana-

“The Cool, Calm & Collected CD  helps me ‘tune my inner cords’.”
Dr. Anca Pirjol, South Africa-

“We’re extremely impressed by the production quality of the Cool Calm & Collected recording. Jevon’s voice is perfect for relaxing meditations, and he maintains an excellent pace and calming tone throughout. The background music and overall sound quality is fantastic and it complements the meditations perfectly. In all, it’s clear that a lot of time, care and consideration was put into to creating what we feel is a very high-quality product.”
– As featured in Harmonious Living magazine, reviewed by Ceri Balston-

Price: €19 (MP3 download)

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