The perfect resource for hypnotherapists and energy healers

If you had a reliable personal assistant to help your clients access the optimal state for healing in every session, would that interest you?

If you could rapidly gain access to your own “inner resources” and be receptive to “higher guidance”, would that interest you?

If both you and your clients could gain the healing benefits of theta brainwave stimulation during sessions, would that interest you?

If both you and your clients could experience chakra balancing, while you help your clients clear their personal issues, would that interest you?

And if all the above was facilitated through serene and peaceful music playing softly in the background, would that interest you?

The Healing Trance-Formations recording is the perfect resource for hypnotherapists and energy healers.

Healing Trance-Formations is a pioneering one hour long continuous music track with entraining effects to induce theta state – the optimal level of consciousness to facilitate natural self healing and rejuvenation processes.

Theta state is also associated with the ideal level of relaxation and receptivity where hypnotic suggestions are easily accepted by the subconscious mind.

Tibetan Singing Bowl tones are instrumentally synchronized with the music to cultivate and balance energy flow in the meridians, including the seven main chakras.

This serene musical journey is expertly composed by Dane Jonathan, the professional musician and sound engineer who has created the music for all the JD Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Brain Entrainment recordings since 2005. In Healing Trance-Formations, Dane has integrated years of research, experimentation and his audio expertise to create the most dynamic and cutting edge recording in the JD range of CDs and MP3s so far.

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