Time Heals! How To Fast-Forward & Get Your Healing Now

We’ve all had the experience of outgrowing something that used to be a problem for us in the past, and now as you think about that old situation, the pain has gone.

So what happened in order for us to overcome that challenge? Well, generally speaking; time passed, we moved on, gained new experiences, learned a few things, and obtained new perspectives.

Eventually we heal and/or transform our thinking, and it takes as long as we allow it to take.

What if you had a way of speeding up time (so to speak), so that your future learnings and perspectives could be available to you now? If it was possible, would you be interested in accessing your future knowledge and life experience so that you can use it now? To find out how that is possible, read on…

At a sub-conscious level, time does not even exist. Our direct experience, (even when our thoughts wander to the past or future) is always in the present. Some people believe that we are controlled by our past, but what if our current experience is what we’re going through in order to have the future experience that awaits us?

Our future exists of an infinite number of potential possibilities. To a large extent we create our personal future internally first through our current thoughts and feelings, which then attract their coherent external reality.

So who plants the seeds which sprout into the thoughts and feelings that give rise to our future? Even if your answer is God, could it be that the future which you’re going to experience is planting those seeds in your present? In any case, you get to choose which seeds to nurture and which to negate.

Entertaining this idea, even if only as a metaphor, enables us to imagine a future where we are well, and well over our current challenges. And according to Albert Einstein: “Imagination is the greatest creative force in the universe.”

So with this in mind, you can fast-forward & get your future healing now by exploring the 7 steps below. These are an abbreviated form of one of the Authentic Self Empowerment methods which I elaborate on my Mind Over Matter CD/MP3.

Please note that the following steps are not intended to help people overcome grief, although they may prove to be useful to someone who has been grieving for a long time already and wants to be able to move on.

  1. How are you experiencing this problem / issue right now?
  2. What do you want to experience instead? (What is your desired outcome?)
  3. How far out into the future would you IMAGINE GOING until you’ve outgrown this issue and become TOTALLY RESOURCEFUL? Make sure to get a positive representation of a future time before moving on to step 4.
  4. Imagine being in your brighter future and feeling good. Become aware of the learnings, insights and resources that you need in your present.
  5. Beyond even this (your representation from 4.)…you can look back on how your life has unfolded perfectly.
  6. Bring all this wisdom and knowledge back into your body.
  7. NOW…what’s the next smallest step that you can take which leads toward your desired outcome?

Our thoughts and mental images are the blueprint from which we build our present reality. We experience everything through the metaphors of our mind, including time. So, if the time to heal isn’t now, then when will it be?

Enjoy your future now!

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach


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