Training Overview

Jevon Dängeli's courses are approved by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM)Jevon Dängeli provides professional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Authentic Self Empowerment.

The overview below indicates if the course is online or held at an onsite location.
Each title links to information about that course or event.


NLP and Coach training

  • NLP Facilitator training – online
    A comprehensive, personalised and cost effective NLP distance learning programme.


  • NLP Advanced Facilitator training – online
    Learn the NLP Master Practitioner methods for facilitating transformative processes and bringing out the best in you and others.

  • NLP Practitioner / Coach training – online & onsite
    Includes NLP Facilitator Training (online) plus 6 days onsite ASE Facilitator training.

  • NLP Master Practitioner / Coach training – online & onsite
    Includes NLP Advanced Facilitator Training (online) plus 4 days onsite Advanced ASE Facilitator training.


  • The NLP Communication Model

    The NLP Communication Model

    Wellness Coach training – online
    Customised to suit your training needs and goals as well as your preferred learning style and pace.


  • Transpersonal Coaching Courses – online & onsite
    Three internationally recognized courses:
    1. Online: One year Post-Graduate Certificate in Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
    2. Online & onsite: Transpersonal Coach Certificate (online module plus 12 days onsite training – 2 X 6 days with )
    3. Onsite: Transpersonal Coach Certificate (18 days – 3 X 6 days)


Hypnotherapy training

Free Authentic Self Empowerment book

Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) training

  • Open Awareness Training – online & onsite
    Open Awareness promotes flowing moments of pure experience – interconnected with the rest of reality.

  • ASE Facilitator Training – onsite
    A 6-day course equipping you to guide individuals and groups to access their inherently wise, creative and resourceful levels of consciousness.


  • ASE Advanced Facilitator Training – onsite
    A 6-day course teaching the advanced ASE skills and processes, including the Transpersonal Coaching Model and in depth applications of NLP, Mindfulness, as well as Transpersonal Psychology.


  • Free ASE ResourcesTrainer Training – online
    Personal training and supervision (Skype) to become confident and competent at presenting your own ASE certification training, retreats and related events.


  • ASE In – online
    Various online learning options, including an ASE mini-course, personal ASE sessions, and developmental programmes for ASE professionals.

Stress & Burnout Rejuvenation Retreats

The Authentic Self Empowerment Set

Authentic Self Empowerment Set

Our onsite courses, events and retreats are presented globally.

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Our online courses are customised according to your needs, goals and timing preferences.

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