Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

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What is Wellness Coaching?

Through the process of Wellness Coaching, you expand your awareness of choices, improve your performance, and enhance your quality of life. Wellness Coaching is a methodology directed at the whole person, not just physical health, but to all aspects of living well.

A Wellness Coach helps you become self motivated, provides unconditional support, identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them. You are assisted to find strategies to deal with your unique challenges and guided to discover creative solutions to achieve the results you want.

Wellness Coaching is a partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. The coach and client work together to develop a program that fits the client’s needs, values and visions while helping them overcome barriers that prevent them from reaching their wellness goals.

Wellness is the mastery of one’s physical and mental well-being. It connects you with resources to deal effectively with issues relating to weight, fitness, health, stress, burnout, habits, depression, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Wellness coaching is a new paradigm for helping people gain control over how we respond to the challenges of life.

When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality too. And when you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!

We offer a model for self-evaluation, self-monitoring and personal development, which derives its strength from the use of multiple perspectives in a supportive climate that promotes your resourcefulness. When we are well in body, mind and spirit, we function optimally and can achieve our full potential.

Wellness Coaching focuses on the present and helps you move towards your desired future. However, when necessary this approach will include healing and transformational methods to change patterns that are strongly rooted in significant emotional events in the past. For example: One of the Authentic Self Empowerment™ methods is used for the purpose of overcoming limiting beliefs, negative reactions or unwanted habits – which involves healing the “inner child”. In case you weren’t aware: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Our Wellness Coaching also utilizes the effective healing and psychological skills of NLP and HNLP.

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Is Wellness Coaching right for me?

A high level of wellness is the foundation of a successful life – at home and work and at play. Achieving a state of wellness means living a higher quality of life and experiencing a peace that goes beyond what material wealth and external conditions can offer…

Imagine a partnership with someone who is even more committed to what you want in your life than you are. Imagine what it would be like if that person knew your values and life purpose and held you true to them. This person supports you unconditionally, encourages you to press on, and celebrates your victories while helping you to learn from your setbacks. You can expect this from a Wellness Coach.

Wellness is created internally by listening to your inner guiding voice and by making life-affirming choices that bring you closer to living the life you are meant to experience. Attaining wellness on all three levels – physical, mental and spiritual – allows you to leave anxiety, drama and dis-ease behind you, thus connecting you with a wealth of inner peace and physical health that is inherently yours. With this comes the clarity and direction, which enables you to move more easily and effortlessly toward your personal desires – for life.

You may be familiar with the Serenity Prayer:

“God give me the courage to change what I can, the strength to accept what I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Wellness is about learning the difference between what you can change and what you cannot and focusing your energies wisely.

Whatever you are experiencing now IS your life. How you relate, or don’t to your body’s condition and how you embrace or reject your experience will determine the quality and richness of your life, regardless of the state of your body at any given time.

Even if a cure is not possible, healing is always within your reach!

For information about Wellness Coach Certification Training, click here.

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We define wellness as not only an absence of dis-ease, but as a state of well-being, harmony and vitality in body, mind and spirit.

This is achievable when communication can flow optimally between our cells and systems of the body, between parts of our consciousness as well as between us and other individuals in our presence. Complete wellness is not achievable when communication is impaired at any level. Normal functioning of our Bio-Communication network is vital to wellness. When our Bio-Communication network functions normally the body can heal itself of any ailment and we are energized. A Wellness Coach who applies HNLP will identify where Bio-Communication is not flowing freely and address this blockage in order to help the client ‘get back in the flow’.

The experience of ‘being in the flow’ lifts the course of life to a balanced and harmonious level. Alienation gives way to involvement, enjoyment replaces boredom, helplessness turns into a feeling of control, and your attention works to reinforce the sense of self, instead of being lost in the service of external goals. This intrinsically rewarding sense of flow justifies life in the present, instead of being held hostage by anxieties of the future or worries of the past.

The pursuit of wellness is a lifestyle, not a series of disconnected choices. As you know, the world appears to be getting more complex all the time. Developing a wellness lifestyle will allow you to revitalize and re-energize yourself so that you can continue to thrive in the face of the ongoing external demands of life, preparing you to cope with the changes that tomorrow inevitably brings.

Wellness promotes self-understanding.

You are more than your body, your thoughts and your emotions. One key aspect of wellness is to learn how to control your thoughts and emotions. This does not mean that you stop having them, but that you stop being controlled by them. Being able to stand outside yourself and gain understanding of your life situation as well as your reactions to it, is a critical part of gaining control in your life.

Wellness is a state of being joyfully and enthusiastically engaged with your life, no matter what challenge presents itself – Wellness Coaching enables you to enhance your sense of connection and meaning in life.

Get rid of dis-ease. Drop the habit. Set yourself free. Be all you can be. Now!

Wellness Coaching sessions with Jevon Dangeli and Jana Allmrodt:

Available for individuals and teams. When achievable, the first session will be face-to-face and successive sessions can be facilitated from the comfort of your own home or office via telephone (or Skype) if you prefer.

Each session lasts about one hour, with the initial (double) session taking about two hours. Rather than long term coaching contracts, we prefer to focus on rapidly enabling you to achieve your outcomes, allowing you to measure your own success, so you can decide on how long to remain in the coaching relationship.

For more information about how Jevon’s coaching works, what he charges and client testimonials, please see this page.

We look forward to helping you live WELL! Wonderfully-Energetic-Loving-Life!

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For information about Wellness Coach Certification Training, click here.



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