3 Things you need for the coming Season…


Are you ready for the Shift that the coming Season will bring? 

The 3 things that you will need in order to navigate through the challenges that lie ahead are:

1. An open mind (one that is ready to perceive new ways of seeing and approaching obstacles).

2. An open heart (one that can let go of past hurts, feel worthy of love and love unconditionally).
3. An open hand (one that can grab the bull by the horns and lend itself to those in need).
If you have the above 3 things, then you’ll thrive! If any one of them is not tuned and toned, then you may struggle and suffer more than necessary.
We’re going through a time of great change. We can go peacefully, or kicking and screaming. The choice is yours!
Yesterday’s solutions won’t fix today’s crisis. We must realise that change is NOT a crisis. It’s an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our reason for living. As soon as we stop arguing with our reality, we stop suffering. Only then is the best way forward revealed, and the answers flow from within.
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Written by Jevon Dangeli – HNLP Trainer & Coach
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