Build Self Esteem & Boost Confidence

Boost Esteem & Self Confidence Type: Coaching, NLP & Authentic Self Empowerment™ guided process

Benefits: Track 3 – Develop more self-esteem each time you listen to this track. Track 4 – Learn how to quickly and easily get into a confident state as and when you need to.

Structure: 4 Tracks including voice, music and audio technologies

Format: MP3 & CD

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By listening to this recording you will discover new ways of experiencing yourself that will change the way you think and feel as you transform from the inside out. You will be pleasantly surprised by some new perceptions that you’re bound to acquire about yourself. You can expect to feel stronger on the inside at the end of this recording and you will have a way of maintaining this core strength and even developing it further.

At some stage, while you enjoy listening, you may even sense yourself expanding as a mind while your perspectives broaden. This will connect you with new resources and abilities that can have positive and lasting effects in your life.

Although a high level of self-esteem is the foundation of feeling confident in general, in this recording Jevon will show you how to feel more confident very easily and quickly.

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Self-esteem can be defined as the collection of beliefs and perceptions that we have about ourselves. It influences our motivations, attitudes, and behaviors and determines our emotional response to the significant experiences in our life.

A strong sense of self-esteem is equated to knowing who you are (beyond limiting beliefs) and what you are capable of. Confidence is a feeling that results from this. Low self-esteem and/or a lack of confidence is the result of limiting beliefs that one has about one’s self and one’s abilities.

In track 3 of this recording, Jevon will guide you through an Authentic Self Empowerment™ process that is created to help you develop more self-esteem each time to listen to it. In track 4 you’ll learn how to quickly and easily get into a confident state as and when you need to.

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  1. Izaretti August 1, 2017 at 7:16 pm #

    Would you please let me know how and where I can buy products with US dollars?

  2. Jevon August 1, 2017 at 9:44 pm #

    Hi Isabell,
    It is possible to pay in USD by logging into your Paypal account and sending the payment to
    The product prices on this website are in Euro, so you can convert that into USD for your payment.
    If you purchase a downloadable product it will be emailed the same day. If you purchase a CD, it will be sent within 2 days.

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