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Healing Trance-Formations

Type: Music for healing and deep relaxation. Includes theta brainwave stimulating audio technologies instrumentally synchronized with seven Tibetan Singing Bowl tones. Benefits: Promotes healing in the mind and body. Designed for use in therapy and meditation environments. Structure: A one-hour continuous music track with entraining effects to induce theta state – the optimal level of consciousness […]

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Achieve brain states associated with moments of insight and being in the flow. This unique recording induces Gamma brain waves which are naturally occurring when one has an intensely present and clear frame of mind or an inspiring realisation.

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Harmonious Mind

Guides your brain into modes for peak mental performance, focused attention, accelerated learning, enhance concentration, improved memory and productivity.

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Well Being Now

Assists in calming and centering the mind and body, helping you eliminate distress, anxiety and depression, as well as their related symptoms. Perfect music for meditation and healing environments.

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