Change Matters

Change Matters

Type: Coaching, NLP & Authentic Self Empowerment™ guided processes

Benefits: Imagine having your own simple yet effective strategies for overcoming the challenges associated with change, so you can thrive through change. Since you’re going to experience countless changes in your life, the benefits are endless…

Structure: 9 Tracks including voice, music and audio technologies

Format: MP3 & CD

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The only constant in life is change…

Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we co-create our experience of life.

In this audio program, Jevon teaches you how to develop your own psychological strategies to become the conscious co-creator of your results.

The simple yet profound skills that you will learn are essential to effective utilization of the Law of Attraction. They are based on how your neurology works and interacts with everything in your life. This is The Secret behind the Secret!

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Experiencing the external results that we want in life begins by changing our inner model of the world to match this. This means that when we take control of our beliefs and feelings, we will then be in control of our results.

No amount of positive thinking will do much to change a negative belief. Therefore many people who use positive affirmations and visualizations to manifest their goals don’t experience their desired results. The reason for this is that they have beliefs that are not in alignment with their superimposed thoughts. It’s like trying to steer a train by asking someone in the last car to change the direction of the entire train. It simply won’t work.

The current state of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually along with your personal and professional relationships, finances and belongings are an indication of what you believe and feel.

This recording will assist you in transforming limiting beliefs and empowering yourself in all areas of your life with practical and simple attention shifting techniques.

You will also learn how to transform unwanted mental/emotional states into more resourceful states, and then put those empowered states to work mindfully.

Although the Change Matters recording is a stand-alone product, it also forms an integral part of some of our comprehensive audio-programs that are compiled to suit each individual’s needs. 2 examples of our popular audio-programs are STOP SMOKING and Effortless Weight Loss (100% money-back guaranteed).

You could say good-bye to ineffective methods, excessive medications and expensive consultations. Reap the benefits of our ground-breaking audio-programs in privacy, with the option of support by telephone/Skype and email. Save time, money and your sanity. Our professional audio-programs work! If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund you.  If you would like us to compile an audio-program to suit your specific requirements, please inquire.


Your Change Matters CD is awesome! Jana’s voice is beautiful and captivating. I feel that after hearing her first sentence, one feels compelled to listen to the end. As for Jevon, I am just in awe at what you teach but more so how you teach and spread your message. Thanks so much from the depths of my heart.
-Ursula Zweistra, South Africa-


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