Expand your mind in a flash

Imagine being able to bring everything that you’re not thinking about into the foreground of your awareness in the blink of an eye….

Do you think such a skill may free up your thinking and bring with it creative solutions?

Of course, and its easier than you think!

In this article I’ll share with you one of the simplest HNLP skills, which can help you to almost instantaneously broaden the lens of your mind.

Any problem is only a problem because of the way in which you think about it.

In order to have a problem your thoughts need to be fixated on an object (or concept), thereby negating other ways of looking at it.

By the way, fixation of attention is also known as Hypnosis.

Problems are therefore a self induced hypnotic trance that make you feel bad.

The good news is that you can wake yourself from that and experience a positive trans-formation by opening the aperture of your awareness.

Here’s how:

  1. Think about your problem and identify the main object of reference or specific detail of the person that your attention is on in that context.
  2. Now, with your attention on that detail, quickly bring everything else that you weren’t thinking about in that context into the foreground of your awareness.
  3. Notice what you’re focussing on now (which was formally in the background of your awareness).
  4. Once again, rush this new background of your awareness into the foreground of your awareness. (Repeat this step until you can’t go any further).
  5. From your completely expanded perspective think about that problem which you had, and notice how you feel about it in light of this.

Now, isn’t this a better trance? Form new views on the things that make you feel bad and you’ll find new ways of dealing with them resourcefully.

Written by Jevon Dangeli

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