Getting Over & Letting Go…

In order to achieve your goals or attract more abundance in your life, you must first make space for the things that you want.

It’s our attachment to circumstances or people who no longer match us that prevents us from attracting someone new or manifesting something of greater value.

Usually what prevents us from breaking free is our fear of being without that which we are familiar with. Uncertainty about the future keeps us doing the rounds in our safe little hamster wheel. Yet eventually our complacency leads to dissatisfaction, which then leads to pain unless we make a change.

Comfort zones become the breeding grounds for misery. The unknown is where we discover new things. It’s the space from where fresh perspectives and creativity arise.

Okay, but I still can’t get her/him out of my mind!

Right, so here’s how to get over and let go of someone that you would like to be free of:

1.     Take the mental picture which you have of her/him and imagine sending it off into the distance so that it becomes small and far away.

2.     Imagine there is a cord that joins you to that person, a metaphoric representation of the bond which you used to have with her/him. Now see yourself cutting through that cord or untying it so that it not longer connects you to her/him.

3.     Should that old picture of him/her pop up again, just send it off, making it small, distant and dull.

4.     Each time you clear your mind of unwanted internal representations in the above way, immediately bring to mind that which you want instead.

5.     With your desired image in the foreground of your awareness, notice how you feel and let that feeling inspire appropriate action.

This skill won’t shove anyone out of your mind (or life), but will enable you to make room for the things that are of more importance to you now.

You may even find that this skill is a useful way of severing your bond with other objects like cigarettes, wrong food & drink, TV, gambling, etc…

Practice it and sooner or later you’ll find that it makes a difference. And remember to keep your dreams in your mental foreground.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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