How to activate the power of your Unconscious Mind to achieve your goals

It’s never too late to “change gears” in your neurology and head in the best direction for you.

If you set a goal but don’t activate your Unconscious Mind to align with that intention, then its likely to either not manifest at all or be short lived. This article will briefly explain how you can align your intentions with the immense manifesting power of your Unconscious Mind (also know as the the sub-conscious mind).

The trick to programming your Unconscious Mind is using a form of Self Hypnosis that utilises what we in HNLP refer to as your “End State Energy”. This is the overall feeling or emotion that is associated with the accomplishment of your deepest desires. Eliciting this state is the key to accessing your deeper knowledge and skills so that you are clear about what to do and motivated to keep on doing it.

To get in touch with your relevant End State Energy, select your most important goal or desire. Then ask yourself: “How will I experience myself when I’ve fully achieved this goal?” See yourself in that situation and feel the feelings of success in your body. This is your End State Energy. While in this state ask yourself “What’s the next achievable step that leads toward the fulfilment of my goal?”

The above simple yet profound skill as the essence of our Sam’s World, Mind Over Matter and Die Gedanken sind frei (German) audio programs, which are pioneering ways in which you can harness the power of your Unconscious Mind. By the way, it´s your Unconscious Mind that’s responsible for all the results (positive and negative) that you have ever achieved and will ever achieve in your life!

Relevant states are the optimal ways in which you can access and direct your Unconscious Mind for fulfilling results. Action steps that arise into conscious awareness while you’re in your End State Energy are always the most appropriate steps to take. This is called “following your bliss” by Joseph Campbell.

So follow your bliss – its how your Unconscious Mind responds to your End State Energy. And its how you will know that you’re heading in the best direction for you, one step at a time…

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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