Have Your “Bright” Future Now!

This article will provide you with a valuable skill to achieve and maintain your important goals, for once and for all.

Although this skill is intended for children and teenagers, any adult can benefit too. It’s a process of accessing your “future knowledge” and inner resources that is based on the theme of my new audio program – Sam’s World, which is designed to help young people improve their self esteem.

If you could think the thoughts and gain the experience that you’re bound to have in 2 years, and then be able to utilise that future awareness in the present to motivate yourself and deal with current challenges, would that interest you? If so, read on…

The following creative thought process can help you in times of uncertainty, indecision and emotional turmoil. It’s a powerful skill to help you achieve your goals. Any crisis or dilemma which results in anguish, procrastination or panic can be alleviated by using the following steps:

  1. Think about a challenge or issue that you’re currently experiencing.
  2. Think about a flock of birds migrating toward sunshine and abundance.
  3. Think about yourself in 2 years from now, having overcome that old challenge, having achieved success, and living in your ideal circumstances.
  4. Imagine looking back toward now from that successful state in your future, and identify what was necessary in order for you to achieve your positive results.
  5. Bring that future awareness into your body now and then conceptualize what your next smallest step is that leads toward the results that you want.
  6. Go for it! One step at a time…

All the necessary steps toward your compelling future will show up to the extent that you know where you’re going, so let go of what’s ahead and enjoy the step you’re on.

In my new CD/MP3 – Sam’s World, I teach children (by means of a story) how to use this approach to become more secure within themselves, resourceful as well as emotionally and socially intelligent. In the same recording I share 10 key ways in which parents can help their children foster a sense of self worth, independence and optimism in life.

If you have a goal that you would like to achieve, then use the above simple process to bring about constructive ideas and the motivation to go for it.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach


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