Never mind them, stay true to yourself

Would you like to be able to confidently follow your inner guidance and be less influenced by what others say? That’s what this article is about…

Ever increasing amounts of people are realising that trusting their intuition is a more effective way to succeed in life (personally & professional) than believing what every Tom, Dick & Harry have to say.

And so we learn the skill of quietening our mind, tuning in and deciphering the feelings, hunches and thoughts that arise from our inner wisdom. With some practice the communication from our unconscious mind becomes clear and we become self motivated to set out and achieve our meaningful goals.

Then… we share our ideas with others (including family & friends), some who share our passion and some who don’t. And it’s those who don’t that may begin chipping away at our ideas with their, “it’s too risky”, “that’s ridiculous”, “you haven’t planned this well enough”, “yes, but…”, etc type comments. Their well meaning advice talks us out of following our bliss. And what might have lead to the manifestation of our dream, shrivels back into the safe confines of the limiting beliefs that hold life’s abundance away from us.

Yet more and more success stories validate the great value of going with our own inner guidance and not letting ourselves be negatively influenced by the neigh-sayers (which may include our loved ones).

Here’s how to follow your inner guidance more confidently:

1. Take immediate action on the small (easy to accomplish) hunches that come from within you. By doing so you build rapport with your unconscious mind (inner wisdom) which then begins to provide you with more clear problem solving solutions and inspiration down the line.

2. As you learn to trust your intuition, pay attention to how you feel, and/or see, and/or hear the signals from your unconscious mind. Expand the feelings, brighten the pictures, tune into the sounds and imagine intensifying whatever the form of communication is that comes from within you. (By the way, what comes from within you always feels good. A negative voice in your head that makes you feel bad is the result of believing false thoughts).

3. When others voice their opinion and it clashes with your inner wisdom, then turn down the volume of those voices. Literally turn your fingers around an imaginary volume control knob, lowering the volume of the voices that you don’t want to be influenced by. You can actually adjust the sound of their voices in fun ways. For example, make them high pitched and fast, like a chipmunk; or low pitched and slow, like Darth Vader; or make them distant, like at the end of a tunnel. By changing your internal representation of people’s voices, you change the impact that their voices have on you.
4. As you think back to what a neigh-sayer said, what picture of that person comes to mind? In addition to changing the sound of their voice so that it has less impact, you can also adjust your internal picture of them. To reduce their influence over you, make the picture of them small, distant and fuzzy. You could even add silly cartoon like characteristics to them, like Mickey Mouse ears and/or a clowns nose.

The choices we make in life are mostly in response to our internal representations. We can adjust how we hear and see (and therefore feel about) those whom we don’t want to be influenced by. In a similar way, we can also enhance the sounds, pictures and feelings that come from within us so that we’re more motivated by these.

In the end, it’s the internal representations that we give most of our attention to which determine our successes and failures in life, as well as the quality of all our experiences.

And the good news is that there is no failure! There is only feedback from the world around us about where and how we can still update and improve the world within us.

You are the greatest gift you can give to the world. So choose the best you that you can be!

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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