Self Hypnosis for Self Diagnosis

If you could accurately diagnose the source of your sickness, ailment or dis-ease, and thereby skip unnecessary visits to the doctor, would that interest you?


The following information is for your interest only. It is not meant as a replacement for medical healthcare. Use the Self Hypnosis for Self Diagnosis skill with caution and avoid using it if you have any kind of neurological or neurochemical disorder.

Self Hypnosis is a skill to induce a calm state of mind and body where you gain direct access to your Unconscious Mind. Your Unconscious Mind is the collective intelligence of all the cells in your body. Therefore, Self Hypnosis can enable you to elicit pure information directly from your body itself. And no body knows you better than your own.

A great emphasis of the courses that I present is on building rapport between the conscious (foreground of awareness) and unconscious (background of awareness) parts of the mind. A high level of rapport between these two parts of the mind is the key to successfully self diagnosing and self healing almost all physical and mental/emotional health problems.

In our modern day society we have become very reliant on conscious processing, which means that we are predominantly using only a fraction of our potential. Your Unconscious Mind (brain, body & surrounding energy field) holds massively more information than your conscious mind. It also holds your blueprint for perfect health. The neglect of our unconscious inner resources may be part of the reason why we depend on external diagnoses and pharmaceuticals to such a great degree.

So here’s a skill instead of a pill:

The primary goal of the Self Hypnosis for Self Diagnosis is to obtain an accurate description of the thoughts, emotions and memories that may be attached to a particular health problem. However, because you pay such close attention to the discomfort that underlies the problem, automatic internal adjustments and self healing are often initiated.

1. Set your intention

Start by having the intention to elicit the cause of your health related problem.

2. Focus on the discomfort

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Relax for a while, and then concentrate upon the unpleasant sensations that are associated with the problem.

3. Wait and see

Wait patiently and quietly while observing those unpleasant sensations and then pay attention to any spontaneous thoughts or images that suddenly come into awareness. The Unconscious Mind often communicates via feelings, images, symbols and memories, so remain open to what ever arises. Let your awareness drift until you notice something of interest. Usually the first object or idea has the most relevance.

That’s essentially the process. Through practice, rapport develops between the two faculties of your mind, and then answers become more clear. In the beginning you may have to spend up to 10 minutes relaxing first. It’s important to be deeply relaxed as that opens the internal “communication pathways”. The Cool, Calm & Collected Technique is ideal for this. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to accurately diagnose the cause of most health problems.

Once you’re confident that you know the cause of your problem (feel free to seek reliable external verification), then there is another step to initiate self healing and/or to establish what action is most appropriate.

4. Finding the solution

Find a pleasing thought or image that removes or replaces that unpleasant sensation. If this proves to be too difficult, then imagine how it would feel if the discomforts were gone, if you felt happy and content instead, and wait until your Unconscious Mind shows you what to do to make that happen. If this is not suited to your problem, then, while in a deeply relaxed state, ask your Unconscious Mind to bring into awareness the most appropriate action that leads to healing the cause of the problem.

So in this final step, you’re either visualizing a healing image and/or holding a healing affirmation and/or becoming aware of what to do in order to bring about healing.

Keep practising and adapting this skill to suite you and the particular health problem. Eventually you will become so familiar with the inner workings of your higher intelligence, that any problem is seen as an opportunity to go “inside” and get to know yourself even better.

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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