Your Reality Check

The quality of your life right now is determined by HOW you are placing your attention.

Where is your attention mostly, inside you or outside you?

When your attention is inside you, it´s focussed on your thoughts and feelings and when it’s outside you, it´s focussed on what’s going on in your external reality. Most people have a tendency to be either more inwardly focussed or more externally focussed.

You know those people who regularly interrupt you, perhaps even finish what they think you want to say (but it’s not what you wanted to say)? How about those disinterested people who don’t seem to listen when you speak? Anyone come to mind? These are “inside people”. They’re inside their heads, responding to their own internal representations much more than to what’s going on out there.

Those whom you feel heard by and those who are not overcome by stress or emotion each time a challenge arises, as well as those who always seem to have an objective approach toward people and circumstances are “outside people”.

“Inside people” who rarely check on things outside, can get quite trapped in their little worlds. “Outside people” who rarely check on things inside, can become like football fans who have never kicked a ball. The trick is to become aware of where you are placing your attention, and then shift it inside or outside, in order to deal most effectively with your situation.

We train our Coaches, Therapists & ASE Facilitators to sharpen their calibration skills (accurate observations and comparisons), and then check in on their kinaesthetic impulses. This is the structure of intuition. To get good at it, follow a loop of checking out and checking in:

Start by checking out with your 5 senses for all the necessary external information, then check in for your Unconscious Mind’s guidance, then check out to take action while gathering feedback as you do. Integrating the feedback from your external environment begins the next loop. With some practice, this natural process becomes easy and automatic. It’s an integral part of achieving high levels of success in life, and is the difference that makes the difference in effective coaching and therapy.

So do a Reality Check from time to time and begin to notice where your attention most frequently gravitates. The moment that you become aware of being either inside or outside with your attention, is when you become the observer of your thoughts and feelings as well as your external reality. This perceptual position is in fact both inside and outside simultaneously. Achieving your observer perspective means accessing your creative and resourceful Self. It puts you into a high performance state which feels great.

Check it out or Check it in, whatever it takes, now’s the time to begin 😉

Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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