Overview of Open Awareness

Open Awareness (OA) is an expanded mode of perception accompanied by a calm and resourceful state. Other inherent characteristics of OA include:

  • Introspection – metacognitive awareness in which we can mindfully observe mental activities, emotions and somatic experience

  • Outrospection – heightened awareness of others and the ways that we relate to them, which cultivates empathy and compassion

  • Envirospection – broad awareness of the space around us which connects us to everything in the environment and the cosmos

Embodied OA is naturally eco-logical – good for you – good for others – good for the environment and the world (win-win-win).

In the video below, Jevon Dangeli presents his Open Awareness research poster at the International Transpersonal Conference in 2017.

Correction: In the research referred to above, it states that applied open awareness helped people to reduce their stress & burnout levels by 26% after 24 days of practicing the skill. Since then, the research statistics have been reviewed, showing that it was in fact a 58,74% decrease in stress & burnout levels. The new data was published in a peer review journal (Dangeli, 2020).

Dängeli, J. (2020). Exploring the phenomenon of open awareness and its effects on stress and burnout. Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 1, 76-91. https://www.journal.aleftrust.org/index.php/cstp/article/view/9

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