The Next Step 5!

This article shows you how to use The Next Step approach to instantly expand your awareness and understand yourself as well as others better.

Our previous article introduced 2 powerful questions:

  1. “Who do I have to become in order to attract the people and circumstances that I want in my life?”
  2. “If I had no need for approval, how would I think, feel and behave?”

You learned that depending on how you answer these questions, you have the choice of using NLP modelling processes, or being authentic, or both – such that you can be more desirable to people.

In this article I’ll show you how to assume the OMNI (Open Mind New Ideas) perceptual position, which is the simultaneous perspective of 4 points of view:

  1. Yours (the world seen through your eyes)
  2. That of another (the perspective of someone or something else)
  3. The observer (an objective and non-judgemental witness)
  4. The relationship (or energy) that connects the above 3 points of view

So why would you care to know how to be in OMNI position? Well, its a state of enlightenment whereby you are highly present, objective and free from limited thinking. The result of being in OMNI position is an enhanced understanding of yourself and your relationships with others. So if this interests you, read on.

When I teach our students about OMNI position at our NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Trainings, some question whether one really can assume all 4 of these perceptual positions simultaneously and if there is a truly objective point of view. My short answer to this enquiry is YES! The 4 positions are simply a figurative way of releasing your ego and identifying with your broader and interconnected nature. It´s a way of eliciting the most objective perspective that you can ever have as an individual who’s experience is always subjective. This can be very liberating and it doesn’t require years of meditation.

Here’s a simplified way of getting familiar with OMNI position:

  1. Start by bringing someone to mind that you would like to get along better with, or someone that you idolize.
  2. Sit comfortably and pay attention to your current thoughts and feelings about this person.
  3. Imagine your awareness floating out of your body and into that person´s point of view. Become that person temporarily, positioning your body as that person, thinking their thoughts and feeling their feelings.
  4. Then release that position by taking a few deep breaths and shifting back into your preferred position.
  5. Now imagine floating up and out and becoming the observer. Be like a (wise) fly on the wall who silently witnesses both you and the other person, as well as the relationship (or energy) that connects the two of you.
  6. Now take a deep breath in, and as you release it, become the relationship itself. Just imagine being the energy that connects you to the other person, that flows between the two of you (this is OMNI position).
  7. Now come back into your body and allow your fresh perspectives to inspire The Next Step.

In this instance The Next Step is the most appropriate thought and/or action that you can take in light of your experience in OMNI position.

You could view the OMNI position exercise as trivial or as profoundly meaningful and valuable; either way you’d be right.

You have nothing to loose and lots to gain…Take The Next Step!

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Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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