The Next Step 6!

This article shows you how to use The Next Step approach to quickly overcome fear based reactions.

Do you ever feel like “Bambi in the headlights”, frozen in fear and unable to respond to the situation resourcefully?

Would you like a way of defrosting the freeze reaction so that you’re free to think clearly and take appropriate action? That’s what this short article is about.

When an unexpected situation suddenly arises and triggers fear, it´s interesting that we often tend to go into a state of momentary numbness, when being alert may in fact serve us better.

A useful way of initiating the optimal thoughts and actions when you find yourself frozen in fear, is to remember to breathe. Forgetting to breathe not only inhibits your oxygen supply, it also keeps you stuck in un-resourceful states. Focusing on breathing keeps you vital in that moment when vitality is crucial.

Taking a few seconds to concentrate on a couple deep inhalations and slow exhalations shifts your attention into the core of your body, thereby allowing your wiser inner guidance to inspire appropriate action (instead of being motivated by fear).

It´s that simple, The Next Step in situations that cause you fear is to breathe into your centre, and from your centre choose what to think, say and do.

You have nothing to loose and lots to gain…Take The Next Step!

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Written by Jevon Dangeli – NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach

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