Video 37: Healing Attention & Treating Pain

Pain is a message from your body to change how you pay attention.

A medical doctor at this ASE Facilitator training commented that “all physical illnesses or symptoms have some metaphysical component”. Jevon’s response addresses how ASE healing interventions work on both the physical and metaphysical level simultaneously.

You will learn how to identify the symptom’s message and how to enhance your self healing potential through focussing your attention in a specific way.

Jevon also describes how the ASE approach differs from traditional hypnotherapy and is similar to Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

Information about the course where this video was filmed

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Review Questions:
1. What was your greatest learning from this video?
2. Which area(s) of your life can be improved by applying what you’ve learned from this video?
3. What steps will you take to implement your learnings from this video in order to make positive changes in the area(s) of your life stated in your answer to question 2?
4. How will you apply what you’ve learned from this video in your professional occupation in order to enhance your effectiveness and/or communication skills?
5. What other information have you gathered on the subject of this video that deepens your understanding of this subject
6. How does the main subject of this video tie in with, or support what you have learned from the other videos in this series?

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