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Video 40: Shadow Integration – The ASE Method

“What you resist, persists.” – Carl Jung “What you embrace, you can change.” – Jevon Dängeli “Shadows” (in psychology) are those parts of ourselves that we deny or hide. They are the unconscious aspects of our personality that we project onto others. We can recognise our shadows by identifying situations where we have judged others, without […]

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Video 39: the joy of nothing

Who would have thought that joy, bliss and happiness can come out of nothing? In this 2 minute video (filmed at a live Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator Training) Jevon Dängeli explains how simple it can be to find peace amidst stress and turmoil. Discover how to neutralize the thoughts that cause distress, anxiety and negative reactions. Feeling good can […]

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Video 38: The Meta Pattern

In this training video (11 minutes) Jevon teaches what is known in NLP as the “Mother of all techniques”, aka the Meta Pattern.  This simple 5-step procedure underpins all the profound healing and transformative processes that NLP is famous for. Any coaching or therapy interventions that follow the Meta Pattern will be effective, thus it is a versatile skill and […]

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Healing Attention & Treating Pain

Video 37: Healing Attention & Treating Pain

Pain is a message from your body to change how you pay attention. A medical doctor at this ASE Facilitator training commented that “all physical illnesses or symptoms have some metaphysical component”. Jevon’s response addresses how ASE healing interventions work on both the physical and metaphysical level simultaneously. You will learn how to identify the […]

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Allergy relief with NLP

Video 36: NLP Allergy Relief Process

Discover how to overcome allergies and food intolerances without medication. From an NLP perspective allergies are viewed as a mistake of the immune system. The healing method taught in this video treats the root cause of the allergy and re-educates the immune system. The video (32 minutes) includes a demonstration where Jevon helps someone to cure […]

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Living Your Message

Video 35: Living Your Message

In this video (14 min) of a presentation to students from 16 countries, Jevon Dängeli outlines how to identify and express your core message. We all have a message to share with the world, or at least something important to articulate in certain contexts. This video shows you how to: Identify your vision and the […]

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Transformational Stories in Coaching, Therapy & Training with Jevon Dängeli

Video 34: Transformational Stories in Coaching, Therapy & Training

In this video (filmed at a live Authentic Self Empowerment Facilitator Training) Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates how to use metaphor and story telling in coaching, therapy and training contexts. You will learn how to: – Tell meaningful stories with charisma. – Create or select appropriate stories for particular audiences. – How to make sessions […]

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Video 32: The Future In Your Hands – ASE Progression Technique

We’ve all outgrown childhood pains. We’ve gained experience and understanding that enables us to let go of what bothered us in the past. We’re bigger and wiser now! Similarly, our current challenges will be resolvable in the future. Eventually we’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel… Imagine you could already know now […]

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Video 31: The Value of Transcending Time & Space

Time to get over yourself (for a change)… In this Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Facilitator training video, Jevon Dängeli describes how our minds (and lives) are controlled by our conditioned conception of time and space. He introduces a way in which we can achieve the subjective experience of transcending time and space in order to establish […]

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Video 30: Facilitating a Context for Change

In this video Jevon teaches and demonstrates the basic Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) approach and compares it to Hypnosis – pointing out the similarities and differences. A key differentiator when comparing ASE to Hypnosis is that ASE brings conscious awareness into the process for the purpose of enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection. Unlike Hypnosis which aims to […]

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Personal Breakthrough Intensive with Jevon Dängeli

Video 29: NLP & Time-Line Therapy compared to Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE)

In this video Jevon Dängeli describes how the ‘Authentic Self Empowerment’ (ASE) approach works while comparing it to NLP and Time-Line Therapy. ASE provides coaches, therapists and counsellors with a holistic approach to healing the root of many psychological issues by focussing on both remedial change and generative transformation. This approach is useful in helping […]

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How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness

Video 28: How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness

Mindfulness, compassion and rapport are essential qualities in the coaching, therapy and mentoring profession. Forward thinking people as well as spiritual practitioners have long understood the tremendous value of approaching tasks mindfully as well as establishing compassion and rapport toward others. People from various walks of life spend years cultivating these traits by means of psychological […]

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Presenting Yourself

Video 27: Presenting Yourself

Your life is a presentation! Are you getting your message out there? In this lively presentation, Jevon Dängeli speaks to an audience from 17 countries about how to get your message heard and understood. From this video you will learn how to: Speak in public with confidence Present any topic charismatically Connect with your audience […]

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Video 26: The link between Transformation and Burnout

Have you ever felt like a flea in a rug on spring cleaning day? Human transformation is the process of physical and psychological change that all of us are constantly undergoing. Personally impactful experiences or significant realisations invite us to evolve our consciousness and  transform our way of being in the world. Upon realising something […]

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Video 25: Treating trauma & stress with HNLP’s ‘Access Alignment’ technique

Access Alignment is a simple yet effective HNLP technique to reduce or even eliminate the effects of psychological trauma and stress (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Access Alignment has similarities with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is known as a powerful psychological treatment for trauma that has been extensively researched. Based on their own […]

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Video 12: The NLP Swish Pattern

In this video Jevon teaches the entire Swish Pattern and demonstrates it by facilitating a session with someone who (up until this session) used to react in an uncontrollable way in a certain work situation.

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